CoolBox Films - 8 Really Cool Examples of Animated Adverts to Inspire You in 2021

8 Really Cool Examples of Animated Adverts to Inspire You in 2021

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Animated adverts are getting more popular than ever, creative possibilities are virtually endless, and nimble brands know this!

With social media interactions occupying more of a pivotal role in digital marketing and establishing an online presence in general, creating animated adverts that grab the attention of the target audience is essential for brands that want to stay relevant in these fast-changing times.

Who doesn’t love animated adverts? They are fun, engaging, and beautiful to look at! At the same time, brands can use them to deliver their message, along with relevant information, in a creative and effective way.

If you too want to create animated video adverts and need some inspiration for you to get into a creative headspace, you have come to the right page! In this blog post, we share some examples of animated adverts that we found really cool. Check these out!

8 Really Cool Examples of Animated Adverts to Inspire You in 2021

#1. “The place you want to be” Advert by Volkswagen

One could say Volkswagen had made a really bold move by creating an animated video to promote their esteemed brand, since not many of their competitors in the automobile industry would dare do it. However, in retrospect, they couldn’t have made a smarter choice!

By taking a different perspective from mainstream car commercials, they have given a new life and personality to the green beetle and narrated an engaging story from the vehicle’s point of view, in a fun way. This way, the viewers can immerse themselves in its storyline and understand how Volkswagen’s service would benefit their cars – all this while also highlighting the luxury and quality that their audience has grown to expect from their cars.

#2. “By The Numbers” Advert by MasterCard

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Mastercard doesn’t really need to spend millions on advertising, when it’s one the most well-known and reliable credit card providers out there and their card is used by almost every other person on the planet who has a bank account.

Still, Mastercard decided to use a unique strategy by creating an animated commercial that doesn’t even “sell” their product, per se. Within just a minute, the infographics used in the commercial showcased what their card stands for, its features and all the relevant stats.

The key takeaway: You can always build a presence and then capitalise on it later, rather than just promoting your product 100 percent of the time.

#3. “Wonderfilled” Advert by Oreo

Oreo has tried to present a visually appealing, animated advert with their “Wonderfilled” campaign. They have delivered a moral message, highlighting how adults typically need to reclaim their sense of awe and wonder after they age, something which they naturally had when they were kids.

The music they have used for this advert stands out, since Owl City is a band known for its cheerful and refreshing music that delivers a sense of optimism. The use of an upbeat theme, along with a pinch of nostalgia worked really well for them, as it allowed the viewers to connect to the message and the whole idea of animated adverts.

#4. “Work, simplified” Advert by Slack

Slack, one of the world’s most popular business communication platforms, has created some great animated ads in the past, and this one is no exception! It’s one of those animated ads that leverage visual communication in the best way possible and stand out for their storytelling.

They have made good use of a continuous take and camera panning effect, along with compositions and backgrounds that work really well together. The animated advert conveys its message in an enticing way, without the voice-over or on-screen text at all, in less than a minute. It can’t get any better!

#5. “Cycling Experiences” Advert by Airbnb

Without using any inspiring voiceover, Airbnb has showcased a series of inspiring animated illustrations and even stats about bicycles, within just 30-seconds! While they have tried to advertise “cycling,” the advert does a good job at getting their message across, without seeming vague to the viewers. Having said this, showing stats in your adverts may not work all time, unless the nature of your product or service demands doing that and you also have plenty of relevant data and facts related to it.

#6. “End-To-End Encryption” Advert by WhatsApp

WhatsApp has faced a lot of criticism, in the past, for its security features not being up to the mark. Subsequently, they have faced an issue with reduced user growth over the years. In order to effectively address this issue, WhatsApp decided to release an “end-to-end encryption” feature, along with an in-app advert, in an attempt to assure their users of utmost security and privacy when they use their app.

Their 30-second animated ad portrayed to the users how a lady felt confident sharing her current location with a loved one, using WhatsApp. The ad reminds advertisers to add a touch of emotion in their ads, in order to make them more effective. We are all humans, in the end!

#7. “You’re Just A Sip Away” Advert by Nespresso On Ice

We like this advert so much that it was even mentioned in our previous blog post showcasing 30-second video explainers examples. We really had to, as the designer has combined the illustrations with the right kind of music and sound effects, to deliver a mesmerising experience within just 30 seconds. It’s a solid tactic to simply let the viewers enjoy the video, without distracting them with voiceovers or product information, and this advert does just that.

#8. “Be Together. Not The Same” Advert by Android

This thought-provoking animated advert, released by Google for the Android OS, uses the classic “rock, paper, and scissors” game to address an important social issue, bullying, in the nicest way possible. Interestingly, the animation showed how the “three” chose not to fight each other, and became friends instead.

Google has demonstrated how advertisers can effectively use social issues to their advantage and showcase the core values of their brand. This way, it becomes possible to capture the attention of the viewers and inspire them, without explicitly marketing anything.

Final Thoughts

If you know how to create and use animated video adverts in your campaigns the right way, you have a powerful marketing tool at your disposal. Keep in mind, your audience might judge the reliability and quality of your product or service offerings by the quality of your content. So, make sure that your video makes use of a highly polished animation sequence and sends the right impression to the viewers, along with a clear and concise message.

If you too want to create great animated adverts like these, feel free to get in touch with us today!

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