An animated explainer video is a two-minute video that breaks down a complex concept or process into a simple and engaging way. Content marketers often use explainer videos to describe their products or services. Explainer videos are a great way to address your customers’ pain points, providing them with a solution to a problem they might have with your product.

Explainer videos are usually animated, especially those that describe a process. when breaking a complicated topic down, it’s best to have as few distractions as possible. Animation keeps the explainer video informative while still being visually appealing. An explainer video could give directions on how to register for a service, follow a product’s journey from manufacturer to the customer, highlight the best features of your app, and many more.

If your brand has a process or instructional content to share with your customers, then animated explainer videos are the best way to connect. With our expertise in corporate video production, and by working with highly-skilled animation designers, CoolBox can produce your perfect explainer video.

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What Are the Benefits of Animated Explainer Videos?

Animated explainer videos can be a boost to your marketing campaign. You can clarify the purpose of your product or service – customers are not likely to buy something they don’t understand the need for. You can also spread animated explainers easily across social media channels, further increasing brand identity.

Videos, animated or not, can also increase your web traffic. Once you’ve shared your explainer across social media it will drive more visitors to your site. Having an animated explainer video on your website will also result in people spending more time on your site, an important factor for generating leads.

Animation is also attention-grabbing, drawing customers in. Once you have their attention, you’re more likely to retain it as well, since video content is more memorable than text content. Animated explainers are also a great way to show your personality as a brand. Customers connect more with brands that tell a compelling story, and animated explainer videos can help you achieve that.

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How to Find the Best Explainer Video Style for Your Brand

Since explainer videos are an ideal way to share your brand identity with customers, it begs the question – what type of explainer video should you choose?

  • Cartoon Style – This type of explainer is best for narrative storytelling. You may have characters who are using your product, and who represent your target customers. This type of video is for brands that want to establish trust.
  • Whiteboard Animation – We’ve already discussed this style at length, so you should be familiar with what it entails. This style is great for highly technical concepts like IT solutions or using software.
  • Motion Graphics – This style manipulates graphics or images, rather than using characters or objects. It’s the perfect solution for striking a more serious tone with your explainer video, or for corporate animation projects.

Animated explainer videos are only one feature we provide in our animation services. To read about our others, see our pages about brand animation, corporate animation, and video animation.

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Post Production

CoolBox Films has over 2 decades of experience under its belt. Our established in-house expert editors have used raw material and made magic in the form of countless film projects over that time. We use the best video production techniques and cutting-edge tools and continue to craft complete video projects bold and bright enough to stand out in today’s digital world.

Post Production

Video Editing

We use our wealth of experience and expertise for video editing perfection. Our in-house team never outsources—we edit every detail of your video to create truly unique content. With our full editing and production suite located at our office in Brighton, we’re personally committed to crafting excellence. Our editing team has a worldwide reputation for professionalism and cutting-edge style.

Video Editing

Audio Editing

As part of our post-production services, we offer professional audio editing. Having the right audio for your film and video content is crucial. After all, the word audience comes from the word audio because of the importance of sound—and your audience can tell if the sound fits your film or not. CoolBox Films will take care of that and fit the perfect audio for your video content.

Audio Editing

Other Animation Video Production Services

Our Services

For more than two decades CoolBox Films has produced videos and film productions for all kinds of clients.

As an inclusive video production company in Brighton, we offer companies, organisations and brands – professional video filming, editing, animation, virtual event presentations, promos and public service announcements to short documentaries, social media content – and everything in between, giving us extensive experience in all types of video film production.

Use CoolBox to see what’s possible for your brand’s film and video content.

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CoolBox are trusted by some of the largest brands around to successfully promote their products and services across the globe.

Our expert team work on everything from national TV ad campaigns to online marketing promotions and corporate communications, creating innovative ideas that take your brand to the next level.


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