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Colindale – Redrow

A really simple promo which shows what the new Colindale development in NW London has to offer. We shot this in 2 days and once again shot this side by side with the stills crew to make the most of the talent and make the most of the available marketing budget.

Luxdeco – Townhouse

Luxdeco do high end interiors better than anyone else, we shot this promo in conjunction with the stills crew to put together a beautiful product film together. We also shot a behind the scenes which was also used across social media.

Chiswick 500 – Redrow

The promo was created using the brochure still photography plus one days filming where we shadowed the stills crew to capture some lovely live action sequences. This simple and effective promo was created in just under a week.

North West Village – Quintain

This development near Wembley was looking to attract young, aspirational individuals to move to the area owing to it great connectivity to central London. We shot the lifestyle promo over 2 days, plus we shot some behind the scenes at the brochure photo shoot and then carried the brochure branding throughout the film.

Hartland Village – St Edward

St Edward, part of the Berkeley Group commissioned this promo to sell the lifestyle that their new development can offer and the beautiful countryside and area that surrounds it. Shot over 3 days and using actors we produced a promo which really showcases what the home owners would experience right from their doorstep.