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Brand Video Production

Brand Video Production Services

What is brand video production? In a nutshell, brand video production is an opportunity for a brand to represent itself at its very best. It helps brands reach new audiences. It tells viewers who you are, what you do, and why they should work with you. These videos organically increase brand awareness.

Coolbox Films is an expert, award-winning video production company that specialises in these types of videos. With over 40 years of experience in producing a range of films, Coolbox helps brands deliver their message through the highest quality brand video production.

Brand Video

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When it comes to creating stunning brand videos for clients, Coolbox Films takes a personalised approach. WE work closely with clients to ensure every individual brand nuance is highlighted, Shining a light on everything that makes them special. Coolbox goes that extra mile to see that every single client receives the content they desire. W are trusted by some of the largest organisations in the world for our ability to continuously create professional, high-quality, expertly crafted video content.

Creating great brand video production begins with the message. What’s unique, special, and different about a brand? The final film should showcase the brand message in a way that’s authentically natural. That’s where Coolbox films comes in. Coolbox are experts in film and video production. our in-house specialists are able to create flawless content each and every time. we capture our client’s core brand message in a genuine way that breathes life into their brand in order to increase public awareness. 

The power of brand video production lies in how it helps to cement a positive image and ethos into the minds of its target audience. Expertly crafted brand videos are a way to create memorable content that’s uniquely tailored and shines the best possible light on a brand. It’s a chance to rival competitors and bring a brand to the forefront of the public eye, increasing brand awareness in a way that’s organic and compelling.

Why Use Brand Video Production?

Brand video production generates multiple benefits. It is a powerful way for a brand or company to sparkle. With brand video production, Coolbox Films are able to showcase a brand’s best features in a way that’s attractive, enticing, and compelling to its audiences. Perhaps most importantly, brand video production helps refine the brand message. This helps channel a brand’s message in a way that is natural and impressionable to its target audience.

Expertly crafted brand video production content increases viewer engagement. Put together in an authentic fashion with creativity and stunning editing, it has the power to leave an unforgettable impression on its audience. And it also boosts consumer confidence in the product, thereby driving sales.

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Brand Video Production From Start to Finish

CoolBox helps you communicate your brand with clarity, while also helping your organisation to grow by providing the tools for you to find new customers.



  • Wide VarietySeveral different types of  brand video are possible. From product explainer videos to company culture, to testimonials and product demos to case studies and brand films. Coolbox Films can help tailor each type to achieve specific goals
  • Bespoke Strategy -Coolbox makes it personal. We work closely with our clients to tailor brand videos so they speak directly to the target audience and achieve the desired end result. We continuously fine-tune our videos until it’s perfect.
  • Individual Creativity -The creativity at Coolbox is immense. Our diverse team has combined knowledge spanning decades. This wealth of experience means we deliver stunning creations in a wide range of styles. With our highly experienced team, the possibilities are endless.
  • Global Connections -With the internet, and in today’s ever more connected world, working cross-culturally is incredibly important. We have a plethora of experience working and creating films with the best teams in many different languages around the world.
  • Tangible ResultsWe use our intuition, expert knowledge, and depth of experience to deliver the results our clients want and expect. Our excellent reputation is built around our commitment to always deliver the perfect finished product each and every time.
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Post Production

CoolBox Films has over 2 decades of experience under its belt. Our established in-house expert editors have used raw material and made magic in the form of countless film projects over that time. We use the best video production techniques and cutting-edge tools and continue to craft complete video projects bold and bright enough to stand out in today’s digital world.

Post Production

Video Editing

We use our wealth of experience and expertise for video editing perfection. Our in-house team never outsources—we edit every detail of your video to create truly unique content. With our full editing and production suite located at our office in Brighton, we’re personally committed to crafting excellence. Our editing team has a worldwide reputation for professionalism and cutting-edge style.

Video Editing

Audio Editing

As part of our post-production services, we offer professional audio editing. Having the right audio for your film and video content is crucial. After all, the word audience comes from the word audio because of the importance of sound—and your audience can tell if the sound fits your film or not. CoolBox Films will take care of that and fit the perfect audio for your video content.

Audio Editing

Other Corporate Video Production Services

Our Services

For more than two decades CoolBox Films has produced video and film productions for all kinds of clients.

As a video production company in Brighton, we offer a full range of services. Professional video filming, editing, animation, virtual event presentations, promos, public service announcements, short documentaries, social media content – and everything in between; giving us extensive experience in all types of video film production.

Use CoolBox to see what’s possible for your brand’s film and video content.

Who We Work With

CoolBox are trusted by some of the largest brands around to successfully promote their products and services across the globe.

Our expert team work on everything from national TV ad campaigns to online marketing promotions and corporate communications, creating innovative ideas that take your brand to the next level.


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