5 Tips for Making Your Video Content Stand Out in the Digital Age

If you’re familiar with the world of marketing, you perhaps already know the true potential of videos as a marketing tool in the digital age. In order to achieve the best results with the videos you plan to produce, it’s imperative to have a well-defined video strategy in place. In this article, we touch briefly over the various aspects of the strategy that will help you achieve the best results with online video.

5 Tips for Making your Video Content Stand Out in the Digital Age

Tip #1: Have well-defined marketing goals

Just like with any marketing campaign, as the first step, you will need to identify your objectives. This includes figuring out how your video fits into your content marketing strategy and what role it will play in your overall strategy.

Below are some of the top marketing goals to look out for when creating videos;

·         Building brand awareness

·         Engaging prospects

·         Lead generation

·         Promoting company culture

·         Establishing yourself as a thought leader in your industry

Tip #2: Define your target audience

Before you develop your video content strategy, it’s crucial to have a clear idea of your target customer personas. For this, you will have to understand your target demographic, their likes and dislike as well as their socio-economic status. It’s always a great idea to create videos that better reflect their desires, purchase behaviour, and day-to-day challenges.

Here are just some of the questions you will need to ask when you’re ready to define your target audience:

·         Who are you creating your videos for? Why would they like it or share it online with their network?

·         What kind of videos do your ideal customers share on social networks with their friends or business contacts?

·         What kind of video content will keep the target audience engaged, from start to finish?

·         How will the video help you promote your brand or products/services?

Tip #3: Make the content engaging

Grabbing a prospect’s attention is always the first step towards making a sale. However, it’s much more difficult to keep their attention on your content. Attention isn’t a cheap currency nowadays, and there’s only so much of it available.

This means your video should never lack the amount of “substance” your target audience is seeking, no matter what the video length. It’s also important to look at the psychology behind their purchase behaviour, by understanding the top emotional triggers of your audience and how they can be incorporated in your videos.

If you want your video content to be compelling and engaging, you should:

·         Grab their attention within the first few seconds

·         Trigger the emotional response

·         Stimulate their curiosity

·         Gain their trust

·         Tell an engaging story

·         Use a strong narrative your audience can relate to

·         Try to use a conversational tone

·         Keep the sentences short and concise, whenever possible

Tip #4: Make the video easy to find and share online

Perhaps your videos are well-suited for your target audience, however, this does not mean your videos will automatically become easy-to-find on search engines and social media. To ensure your audiences find your video, you should:

·         Use niche relevant keywords in metadata of the video, including the title, tags, and description

·         Add captions for those who do not speak the same language

·         Upload the full transcript of the content shared in the video

Tip #5: Utilise the various formats of video content and influencers present on different video platforms

You can tap into the potential of video marketing on a number of social media platforms. However, what may work really well on Facebook may not always work on Instagram or Snapchat, for example – so do your research and choose wisely! To increase the audience reach of your videos, you can partner with influencers on various social networks and tap into their audience reach on the platforms where they are popular.

Final Thoughts

Video content is undoubtedly the most powerful content format currently. When utilised correctly, it can help promote your brand, increase brand engagement, and subsequently grow your bottom line.

You too can publish videos that are not just better, but also more engaging than your competitors’. If you want to produce and publish insightful and compelling video content online to promote your brand or business, contact us today!

For more insights and tips regarding video production, do not forget to check this space for future updates!

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