How to Write a Captivating Script for a Corporate Video

Whether you’re making a corporate video or an explainer video, a great video script is like a prerequisite to a great brand video. For that reason, this stage of the corporate video production process is very critical and involves a lot of creativity.

Script Writing For Corporate Videos

If you’ve never written a video script before, or perhaps aren’t much confident about the draft you’ve prepared, don’t fret! In this article, we share how you too can write a great script for your next corporate video project. 

How to Write a Captivating Script for a Corporate Video

Step #1: Define Your Goals for the Video

Instead of jumping straight to writing, determine what exactly your goals for the video are. Think of these as the main influencers of your storyline.

Ask yourself these questions to get a better idea of what you need to do in this step:

·     Why do you want to tell your audience this story?

·     Who will be watching this video?

·     What should be their key take-away from this video?

·     What value will this video provide to its audience?

Once you have outlined these points you can better start to put together your narrative outline for the script.

Step #2: Craft the Outline for Your Script

Having a crisp and engaging storyline is the secret to getting and keeping the attention of your audience. The video should give them something they can actually relate to, and also move them in some way.

Tweak the outline so that they remain motivated to keep watching the video until the end. Include the kind of elements that are commonly found in all great movies and always appreciated by the audience. If this step seems overwhelming at first, you can start with this simple exercise: Write the story outline using just five sentences.

Step #3: Focus on the Story

Here comes the fun part! This is where you get to unleash your creativity. It’s time to draft the story, put together all the necessary details, and create a piece that’s cohesive and gets the job done. Here are a few tips to help you pull this off:

Tip #1: Start the script with an emotional hook to grab the attention of your audience.

Tip #2: Keep the messaging simple and easy-to-understand. 

Tip #3: Provide them with the required context so they can better understand the insights or solutions you share with them in the video.

Tip #4: Keep them hooked till the end by promising a big takeaway at the end of the video.

Step #4: Use the Right Kind of Tone for the Video

The tone of your video will convey the emotion behind the story, and how people should be feeling about the topic discussed in the video. No wonder it’s one of the most important parts of your video script – so choose it wisely!

Step #5: End the Script with an Outro and a Call-to-action (CTA)

It goes without saying that if you can’t end the video appropriately, all the momentum you’ve built so far with the script dissipates and affects the kind of results you can achieve with it.

A good ending for the video should typically have a summary of what your video’s viewers have learnt in the video and then present them with a clear call-to-action or CTA. Basically, when you are planning out your video’s ending, you should keep in mind what action(s) you want your viewers to take. The action(s) can be anything valuable for your brand or business, such as:

·     sharing the video

·     signing up for a demo or webinar

·     subscribing to your newsletter

·     downloading a report

Step #6: Review the Final Draft of the Script

It’s time to review the script you’ve prepared from a viewer’s perspective. Even though the primary goal of your corporate video is to promote your brand or business, its success solely relies on whether or not people can feel a connection to it. Ask yourself these questions to ascertain your script is as close to perfect as possible:

·     Will the viewers be able to clearly understand the concepts you’ve presented in the video?

·     Is the video content highly relevant to them?

·     Is the vocabulary or the tone used in the video appropriate for the audience? 

Also, make sure you avoid using:

·     Long sentences or complex industry jargon

·     Extraneous information that doesn’t hold much value for the viewers

Final Thoughts

We’ve tried our best to condense the knowledge and experience we have gained working as a video production agency into drafting this article. Hope we could make the video script writing process easier for you and save you from a ton of headaches down the road.

Let us know if you found this article useful. For more tips and advice in this regard, do not forget to check this space for future updates.

We’re the leaders of video production in Brighton. If you need help with your next video production project, do not hesitate to contact us!

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