What to Consider When Planning a Video Marketing Campaign

Considering the fact that 87% of businesses are already using video as a marketing tool in 2019 and most of them are gaining more traction with their audiences, it’s not worth it leaving out of your marketing arsenal. Using video as a medium for your digital marketing efforts, you can achieve so much more, even with your pre-existing content.

So how do you nail the video production process and what things do you need to consider when creating videos for your brand for marketing purposes? In this article, we go over this topic to give you a better idea of these aspects of video content marketing and to ensure you get the best results.

What to Consider When Planning a Video Marketing Campaign

1.       Video Demands Commitment

Your video needs to convince the audience to actually watch it until the end. This is why creating effective marketing videos for businesses requires far more commitment and effort as compared to traditional forms of content. Keep in mind that if video content you release is of poor quality, it will become even more difficult to convince audiences to watch the new ones you release in the future.

2.       Your Videos Should Represent Your Brand

Creating high-quality video content that’s aligned with your digital marketing objectives and industry trends can be an effective way to attract new business. As you create more engaging video content, you will see an increase in views, customers and eventually revenue. This is why many brands are following the trend and producing videos that represent their brand and what it stands for.  As a rule of thumb, you should never publish a video without a clear purpose or a definitive storyline.

3.       Your Videos Should Educate and Influence Your Customers

Video can be used as a tool to further educate and influence your customers. Although you may already know how to do video marketing, it’s still important to tailor your videos to accommodate the various stages of the customers’ journey: awareness, consideration and decision. When you focus more on these aspects of your video, the results you get are far better than what you would get otherwise.

4.       Your Videos Should Humanise Your Brand

Attention is the new currency in today’s digital world. Our attention spans have plummeted at a rapid rate over the past few decades. As a result, there’s a need to connect on a deeper, human level with the help of digital marketing. This is why top global brands are leveraging the power of video on as many audience engagement platforms as possible. It’s the best way for brands to communicate with the target audiences and start building a more humanised, deeper connection with them.

5.       Your Videos Should Help You Build a Strong Online Presence

Perhaps you already know that content is the top driving factor for search rankings. But have you considered how video can help you get much more engagement than the more traditional forms of online content (including blogs)? Granted videos take more time and effort to produce, however, a user is more likely to watch a short video than read an entire article. When you put in the right effort, videos can help you share information with your audience effectively, and over time help you establish a strong online presence.

Final Thoughts

As you have learnt so far, there are quite a few things to consider before hitting the “record” button for your latest video marketing campaign. As always, make sure you have got the basics covered, have the resources you will need, and know the purpose of your video when it comes to video production. The sooner you start employing video marketing, the sooner you will be able to leverage its power and establish thought leadership in order to attract, qualify, and convert new customers.

If you feel you need to work with an expert video production agency, contact us today!

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