Collaborative video productions

Collaborative video productions


Whenever you come across a beautiful, compelling video content that portrays a brand’s message effectively, it’s no accident. A lot of planning and hard work has been put into producing that video. Even if that video is just a few minutes long. Back then, videos were expensive and rare, business owners could get away with poor video production. Now, however, videos have evolved, leaving people with lots of expectations. And with expectations come the need for quality.

Companies understand that they cannot use any low quality video for marketing purposes, which is why over 72 percent of business owners now use a mix of outsourced and internal creative talents. This leads to new, collaborative video productions that will be appealing to the audience. When stakeholders and production teams work together to create video contents, they end up creating pieces that’ll meet the high standards of today market.

Additionally, creative teams are under pressure to produce videos at a higher volume. To keep the content relevant, they require feedback and relevant input from stakeholders that have requested those videos. Stakeholders therefore need to participate in the creative process. Quality video productions are important to the company as it helps them align their goals, increase the speed of production, and create quality pieces of content to have the audiences satisfied. When both parties get involved, ideas flow quicker.

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How to collaborate with a production team

It takes more than just a few features to work with a team of video professionals. The biggest challenge is how to get the best quality out of a team of animators, creatives, editors and so forth. The truth is you just have to effectively communicate what you expect. To have a good collaborative video production, here are some tips to make it more harmonious.

  1. Ask the right questions:

Although the thought of having your own marketing video can be very exciting, you need to ask your video production team a lot of questions such as: how long will the work take? Who are your audience? What message are you passing across? Will you need to translate the video into other languages? And so forth. The best way to do this is to have a draft of the project brief and pass it to the video team.

2. Add more details to your brief:

At CoolCat, our standard brief is usually 5 pages long, although we have briefs that can go as long as 20 pages. While creating your brief, it is important to include visual examples. A detailed brief usually takes more time to prepare, and it is usually packed with more information regarding what you want.

3. Provide deliverables:

We usually ask you to provide the total package. Things like the number of iterations, the nature of the content, and where you intend to publish it. Knowing these things is important for collaborative video productions because it helps the production team to include the necessary focus in the early and final stages of the project.

Video content is here to stay. By having more availability of production tools, companies will effectively create more quality videos. Having collaborative video productions with us offers great advantage to you because our team of professionals will ensure that your finished product is delivered on time and n budget. Be it 2D, 3D, stop-motion or anything else, we integrate life in your visual content.

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