Conference Video Production

Conference Video Production Services

Conference videos are the ideal marketing tool for promoting your conference or event. You can release a video before the conference takes place, to promote it and build excitement. You can also publish a video featuring highlights from the conference after it’s over, to share on social media.

Guests who attended will love seeing their favorite moments of the conference replayed in the video, and those who couldn’t attend will see what they missed out on.

At CoolBox, we’ve worked with several leading companies to create event and conference videos that grab attention and engage viewers.

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Why Use Conference Video Production?

Conference video production adds an enriching element to your event. A professionally-made conference video demonstrates your dedication to putting on a high-quality event for your attendees, who will appreciate the effort you put in to make the conference feel exceptional. Conference videos can also promote your event before it takes place, either using footage from previous conferences or developing an entirely different design. Our creative team will advise you on the best format for your conference video and deliver a high-quality film that engages your audience.

End-to-End Support for Conference Video Production, Editing, Recording and Streaming

To make your conference video a success, we’ll provide all the support needed. You’ll have access to a film crew, tech resources, and our professional advice throughout the process to ensure the conference video is produced properly. We can produce conference videos for all sizes and scales of conferences as well.

What’s Included

  • Multi-camera coverage using HD cameras
  • Sound and lighting
  • Video production systems
  • Camera crews
  • On-site edits
  • Live motion graphics support

What’s Next?

Whether you’re hosting a fairly large conference or planning a local event, we can help! Depending on your requirements, our team can suggest an appropriate plan of action to enable live video streaming for your event.

To discuss your requirements or learn more about our fully-managed virtual event video production and streaming services, you can request a callback by filling out the form below.



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