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10 of the Coolest Product Demo Video Examples for Your Inspiration

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More brands are now realising the value of using product demo videos as a tool for improving audience engagement and generating sales.

No matter what the industry, the competition is fierce and the audience’s attention spans are constantly shrinking. With so many similar products out there in the market, companies are finding it ever more challenging to introduce their new product in the market and gain traction with the audience.

However, with as many as 84% of consumers claiming that they usually make purchases being influenced by a branded video, isn’t it a good idea to introduce your audience to your new product with the help of an explainer video? If you are thinking along these lines and are currently looking for some ideas, you have come to the right page! In this article, we share some of the best examples of product demo videos for your inspiration.

10 of the Coolest Product Demo Video Examples for Your Inspiration

#1. US Launch Promo by Spotify

When launching their app in 2011, Spotify decided to create a 64-second animation with no voiceover for their product demo video. Though considered a bold move by many, it demonstrates their confidence in their product. The video uses simple Kinetic typography along with a drum-heavy upbeat song that made the users excited to watch it till the end. No wonder they had great success with it!

#2. “Your Google Assistant” by Google

This 125 seconds long animated product demo video was created by Google to showcase the capability of their Google Assistant application when used on smart TV displays. It makes use of simple 2D animation and a minimal voice-over script that explains everything about the product beautifully by showing the viewers how it works.

#3. Headspace

Headspace is one of the most popular guided meditation apps on the Play Store, and their product demo video is partly responsible for this. In fact, the video is so nice and calming that the viewers would feel the urge to download the app and give it a shot. It explains the benefits of meditation in simple words, without using any background music, and this is apparently what their target audience loved the most.

#4. Zoom Meetings

This product demo is a great example of how you can showcase to the viewers the quality of your product by giving them a clear picture of all the features that come with it. The target audience of this video was working professionals who are looking for an easy-to-use online meeting software that’s feature-heavy at the same time, and this video does a good job of capturing their attention.

#5. IKEA Place

It’s always a good idea to address the pain point of the target audience and explain to them why your product is the solution. This is a time tested formula and it’s exactly what’s been used for this product demo video. Aiming to promote their new augmented reality app, IKEA shows how so many of us struggle to properly furnish newly designed spaces and how the app can help make it a less daunting task. Well done, IKEA!

#6. Slack

Slack noticed it was a common misconception among their target audience that theirs is just another instant messaging platform for professionals. To set the record straight and gain more traction in their audience, they created a product demo video showing how Slack can be used by teams to communicate, share files, and collaborate on projects efficiently – and it seems to have worked in their favour. The video targets businesses that need a simple but feature-heavy platform to enable collaboration between their teams and keep a track of the work communication.

#7. Google Translate

Prior to the launch of the Tap-to-Translate feature, Google Translate users had to jump back and forth between this app and others, just to be able to translate a piece of text. Needless to say, it was a major hassle for the app’s users and Google decided to fix the problem by introducing the new feature. Of course, they also had to tell their users about it, with the help of a product demo video. This one featured simple guitar music in the background, along with a voice-over script that assured the viewers that this improved product is exactly what they were hoping for.

#8. LEGO Life

It’s no secret that kids love LEGO. So when LEGO launched their new app called ‘LEGO Life’ they introduced it to their target demographic, children, using a product demo video that used bright colours, fun icons, and an upbeat soundtrack. This way, they could appeal more to the younger audience and influence them directly.

#9. Todoist

Everyone needs to have a to-do list app on their phone. Sure, but why download the Todoist app? The creators of this app answer this same question brilliantly in their product demo video, which includes immersive visuals and smooth transitions along with assertive dialogues and an effective storyline. They also manage to grab the attention of the viewers at the very beginning of the video and keep them hooked until the end.

#10. Nike Free

How do you get brand engagement, introduce a new product to the masses, and generate sales with just a single product demo video? Ask Nike! India product demo video for Nike free the brand not only shared its idea and mission but also about its approach towards manufacturing sports shoes and what makes this new range of product so different. The storytelling aspect of this video is so unique that some marketers would call it magic because it truly wins the audience with its message.

Final Thoughts

It’s evident that video marketing is here to stay and product demo videos are the way forward. Most companies know this but still fail to use product demo videos to their full potential, mainly because their storytelling is not up to the mark.

If you were wondering what would be the best approach for creating a product commercial video in your case, we can help. Contact our team of video production experts and get started with your product demo video project today!

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