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How to Create an Effective Brand Awareness Video

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​​No matter what type of video you are creating for your business it is important to understand the process of video production. Effective video production comprises many different elements, and with the support of experts in the field, you can create the perfect video for your brand.

What is a brand awareness video?

Creating a brand awareness video is part of a wider marketing strategy. It is video content that is used to promote a certain product or service, to promote the value and mission of a company, and showcases the brand. These types of videos are made to establish the credibility of a brand, to help build brand awareness with a wider audience and to genuinely engage with customers with a view to increasing leads and sales. 

What is the impact of a good brand awareness video?

A good brand awareness video is a crucial part of modern marketing strategy. It is a fantastic way for a business to connect with their target audience in a visual and creative way. A good video helps to create and maintain a cohesive brand strategy, engaging with customers in an effective way that helps grow an audience.

What are the stages of video production?

Video production is vital, as it defines the parameters of the video through planning and execution, through to the editing process and distribution of the finished product. There are three main stages of video production: 


This is where you develop a strategy for the video, understanding the reasons the video is being made and its target audience. It is the time when you plan the content, write the script, and work out who is working on the video, where, and what equipment is required.


This is the phase where you execute the plan and simply shoot the video.


Everything after you have shot the video is post-production. This is the time to edit the video and work out how to distribute it and market the video to your desired audience. 


Define the objective

The purpose of the video will help you to plan effectively. Why are you making the video? If it is purely for brand-building purposes the video might end up a little different to one designed to attract hits and leads from potential customers. Use insights and analysis of customer data to determine what appeals to specific audiences and how you should make your video to appeal to your target audience.

Choose the style

 Determining the style of the video is important, as the detail of the execution will come from this starting point and the style can be linked to your branding. For some brands it fits them better to have an animated video, with an infographic style and stats and information across a short video. For other companies a video works best with a real-life human on screen as a talking head or an explainer video showing a genuine process and action.

Plan thoroughly

Creating the most effective brand awareness video is all down to how well you plan. There are a few elements to this: 

What is the video about?

With the objective and style in mind you can plan what specifically needs to be included in the video. 

Write the script and storyboard

Depending on what type of video you are making the script might be quite straightforward and strict, in other instances there might be more of a natural flow of talking points. Either way, create a storyboard so that you can visualise exactly how the video will look. 

What do you need?

For the production you need to figure out the location of where you will be shooting, what equipment you’ll require and who is needed to make the video (think talent off and on camera). 

Create a schedule

Once you have everything in place that you need, define the schedule and make sure that everyone is in line and understands what is required of them and when.

Branding your video

Once the video has been made and edits completed, the branding needs to be considered. This, after all, is the reason behind a brand awareness video. Although the content and message behind the video is vital, it is also important that your brand is visible, clear, and cohesive with the other areas of your company and marketing efforts. Having access to a specific brand colour, logos and images, that are pre-approved and to be used consistently throughout your marketing, makes it easier to apply these to any brand awareness video. If there is a voiceover required, and this is one of a series of videos, the same narrator and the style of the video could also be the same across multiple marketing videos. This makes it clear to the viewer that it is your brand. 

Accessibility and format

Choosing the right resolution for your video will be key in post-production, and it should be edited in the same resolution as it was produced in. This helps the finished video to look slick and appealing to the viewer. You also need to consider accessibility for deaf or hard of hearing (at the very least your video should include closed captions). 

Distribution and marketing

Once your brand awareness video has been produced, the next step is to ensure it reaches the right audience. There are different places you can distribute a company video, depending on the intended audience. For instance, a corporate training video needs to reach the eyes of your employees through internal processes, whilst a video aimed at enticing new customers can be sent via a targeted email marketing campaign, on social media channels, or YouTube. A company website is also often home to branded videos, whether as a straightforward About Us video to introduce the company or for specific products and services explanation videos.


We understand what it takes to connect with a modern audience. That’s why our video production services are utilised by businesses aiming to create a clear brand identity that speaks volumes for the company ideals and speaks directly to the target audience. Our experienced team will help position your business at the heart of the content, showcasing your talents and expertise through a tailor-made plan that maximises your chances of success. Contact us today to discuss your goals.

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