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How to Create Effective Training Videos (with Examples)

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When produced correctly, training videos can have a huge impact on not just your target audience, but also on your organisation.

It’s no secret that training videos are one of the best ways to guide an audience on how to do something efficiently. Having said this, training videos are also a great tool for organisations that want to save time and money, reach their goals with ease, and gain recognition as subject matter experts.

If you too want to create training videos and are looking for some tips and inspiration, you have come to the right page! In this article, you will learn about the basic principles for creating effective training videos and also look at some of our favourite examples. But first, let’s understand what’s a training video.

What is a Training Video?

A training video is a specialised video that is created to train a particular audience segment on how to perform a task, achieve a goal, or do something. Just like most other forms of corporate videos, the content of such videos typically carries a formal tone and focuses on a specific topic of interest for the target audience.

Unlike explainer videos that are primarily used to explain the workings of a product or service, a training video can be created as a standalone or as a part of a series of training videos created for step-by-step training. With the help of training videos, it’s possible to deliver benefits similar to that of real-world training, while saving an organisation all the investment and commitment that’s required for organising regular training sessions.

How to Make Effective Training Videos

Training videos don’t have to be painfully long or boring. In order to make interesting training videos, here are some basic things to keep in mind:

These are just some of the most important principles to remember when creating training videos. To learn about a few more nuances about creating effective training videos, let’s have a look at some of the coolest examples of training videos we could find online.

Five Really Cool Training Video Examples And What You Can Learn From Them

“How to make third wave specialty coffee” by Sage Appliances

Since most videos these days are much shorter in length, you should not assume that’s exactly what your audience wants. In fact, some audiences have a much higher demand for longer training videos. For example, this training video is a bit longer than 26 minutes, in which the creator “spills the beans” on what makes a fantastic cup of coffee and how anyone can brew one from the comfort of their home. By making the video more conversational and free-flowing, they have made their audience feel as if they are learning from an expert. The best part? Creating this kind of video isn’t expensive at all!

“About Workplace Bullying” by ReachOut

Workplace bullying isn’t that uncommon in today’s world. Not knowing where to draw the line or what to do about it can take a toll on someone’s mental health. With the help of this video, ReachOut, an organisation dedicated to offering online resources related to mental well being, has tried to give people a clear idea of how to best deal with workplace bullying. The video makes use of an authoritative voice-over along with a friendly tone and animation to get their message across in the best way possible.

“Preparing for a power cut” by Western Power Distribution

This one’s a training video aiming to teach customers how to be prepared for a power cut. Being unprepared in such a scenario can cause a lot of trouble, so the power supplier has made sure they explain to the viewers what all they can expect when there’s a long, unexpected power cut and how they can avoid trouble as far as possible – all this within just over a minute and a half!

“Be a more confident public speaker” by WellCast

This training video uses a predominantly black and white colour palette and stick figures to explain how one can be a more confident public speaker. The narrator’s performance not only entertains the audience but also grab their attention and holds it till the end of the video. So, if you wanted to make your tutorial video entertaining for your audience while being highly informative at the same time, this one is a perfect example of how to do that!

“How to Hand Toss Pizza Dough” by Pagliacci Pizza

A restaurant chain, Pagliacci Pizza, created this short video to train their staff and the wider audience on how to properly roll and toss the pizza dough like a pro. The professional narration, clear instructions and flawless demonstration make their video stand out.

Final Thoughts

Training videos can be instructional, but with a touch of creativity, you can make them interesting for your audience. Just like any other form of corporate video, when done right, training videos can not just have a huge impact on your audience, but also benefit your organisation for many years to come.

At CoolBox, we’ve produced countless training videos for our clients, keeping their goals and branding in mind. If you too would like to work with a reliable video production partner for your next training video project, get in touch with us today!

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