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How to make a great promotional video for your company

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A promo video, or promotional video, is a term that we’ll have all heard at some point. It might be that we think of it as a TV advert, an online, short video promoting an upcoming event, product or service, but what is it exactly? At Coolbox, we have a lot of experience in creating promotional videos for our corporate clients. We have over 20 years of experience in the field, and this means we deliver the highest quality of work on a consistent basis, especially for clients looking for a promo video.

Let’s take a look at what a promotional video is and how you can make a great promo video for your company. 

What is a promotional video?

A promotional video (or promo video for short) is a video that is created with the intention of promoting something specific. This could be a live event, a discount or sale on certain items and services, or it could be a specific marketing promotion. Promos are similar in style as many teaser videos that are created for marketing purposes, attempting to wow the audience and attract them to find out more information about the content of the video. 

Where are promotional videos used?

 There are a few different places that a company can utilise a promo video. You’ll see promo videos in:

Why are promo videos used?

When a promo video is done well, it can be extremely effective. That is the main reason why you should want to create a promotional video, to give your target market that enticement to seek further information about your products and services, or to take that leap to push the purchase button. There are some traditional promotions, such as offering specific discounts and coupon promotions that have been studied and shown that it makes a customer happy and more likely to purchase from the company in question. A promo video gives your company a chance to be creative, to show off a fun, different side to the branding that customers may not have seen before. They also provide a succinct, effective way to provide as much information as possible, condensed down into an easily manageable portion size. 

How to make a good promotional video?

A good promotional video should always have a simple concept. As a professional video production company, we know what it takes to make a good promotional video that feels simple, fun and effective. Our years of experience and skilled team put the time and effort into the detail, and all the hard work creates an end product that just works. 

Consider the end goal

Always start with a clear idea of what you want the promo video to do. This will help with the initial planning phase and concept creation. From here, consider that the promo is like a teaser trailer that you see for a movie – it should be short, snappy, and attention-grabbing. 

Keep it tight

 As promotional videos are short in nature, you must be concise in what content is included within it. Stay focused on the event, product or service the video is promoting, including all the pertinent details the viewer needs to know. 

Stay simple

If you use graphics and animation, it can be attractive and wow the audience without being overloaded with too much action. Use visual titles to help the viewer focus on what you want them to but stick to the point and make it easy for them to understand, such as including a clear discount code on screen. Whatever you decide to do, keep things simple, following a clear, short storyboard that gives you the chance to maximise the time you have. 

Think about the format

There are different routes to go down, as with any type of corporate video. Animation works well in some cases for promo videos because it broadens the horizons in terms of creativity and allows you to connect with the viewer in a simple and effective way. Sometimes, however, using real people in a video can have an instant impact, showing the viewer that someone just like them has used this product or service and helped them overcome a challenge or changed the way they look at certain things. 

Create multiple options

It is always a good idea to create slightly alternative edits for your promotional videos that can then be used at different times and posted in different formats and platforms along the course of the campaign. For social media especially, the same post being shared over and over again will get boring and turn off the audience. 

What is the makeup of a good promo video?

With any type of promotional video, the emotion of it all can be key. A boring, plain promo video is never going to win over an audience, whereas a video that triggers some sort of emotion is much more likely to land with the audience. The emotion could be laughter and happiness, it could be nostalgia, affection and kindness, you can use case studies with real people to trigger emotion in the viewer or showcase people overcoming a challenge. The possibilities are endless, and that is why it is best to have professional help at hand to walk you through the entire promotional video production process.

Now that you have a better idea of what a promotional video is, you can see that Coolbox knows how to deliver exceptional promotional videos. Our team has the experience and the skills to take on any corporate video project, helping our clients to shine, putting together promotional videos that speak volumes for the brand, the service, event, or product that needs promoting, hitting the nail on the head to speak directly to the target audience. Our approach is creative, inventive, and always delivered in the most effective way, a true collaboration with the client.

If you need the help of creative experts to help you produce the most effective promotional video then please contact the Coolbox team today.

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