CoolBox Films - How to Use Promotional Videos in Your Sales Funnel (With Examples)

How to Use Promotional Videos in Your Sales Funnel (With Examples)

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There’s no better time to invest in video marketing than today!

Video is growing in popularity at a rapid pace and has taken over other forms of content to become the most effective medium for content marketing. In fact, video ads have become the best way to spread brand awareness, as most consumers first discover brands they later purchase from through video.

No wonder why more brands are now turning to video to be able to attract customers. And chances are that your competitors are doing so, too. So, if your brand or business can’t afford to be left behind, it’s time to make the most of video marketing channels. 

Are you interested to learn how to utilise video in your marketing campaigns or integrate video marketing into your sales funnel? If yes, then you have come to the right page! In this article, we share with you how you can use promotional videos to energise your sales funnel and get remarkable results from your marketing campaigns, along with a few of the best examples from well-known brands.


How to integrate video marketing into your sales funnel?

Videos can be used to attract, inform, and convert your prospects at each stage of your marketing funnel. To integrate video marketing into your sales funnel, you should follow the same goals as other crucial elements of your content marketing funnel, and assign KPIs tied to each stage. For example, if your goal is to cast a wider net and attract a larger audience, you should use videos to present top-of-funnel content, targeting buyers who are at the early stage of their journey and still trying to identify and define problems. There are various ways you can use video in your video marketing efforts to attract your target audience and drive more sales, including but not limited to publishing videos on social media channels, building lead capture pages, embedding them in your existing pieces of content, and sharing demo videos with your prospects.


How to create an effective video for your marketing campaign

It’s important to ensure that the videos you will create for marketing purposes are flawless and effective. Otherwise, the video can hurt your brand reputation and your bottom line. So, let’s understand what qualities make a video good enough to be used in your marketing campaign.

It grabs the viewers’ attention within just seconds

Our attention spans are shrinking, and you usually have just a few seconds to grab the attention of your audience and get them interested. So, make sure you make every second of your video count, at least around the beginning of the video.

It should be rich in content

Once you’re able to grab the attention of your audience, it’s time to provide them with what they’re hoping to find in your video. Nobody wants to sit through minutes upon minutes of filler content and feel like they are wasting their time. So, try to be educational, inspirational, entertaining, or interesting enough for them to watch your video till the end. Make sure your video offers them value throughout.

It’s targeted towards a niche audience

Keep in mind that the offer, product or service you’re trying to promote may not appeal to everyone. So, make sure your video caters to a well-defined target audience that would be interested in watching your video.

It should have a clear call-to-action

Once you have written an engaging script for the video, it’s time to identify the desired outcome you expect in return for all that effort. Tell your viewers what you want from them with the help of a clear call to action towards the end of the video. Needless to say, they are a qualified prospect, if they have watched your video all the way till the end.

It should be of the right length

It’s crucial to find the perfect length for your video. Depending on the type of your video and where it sits in your sales funnel, you can decide whether it should be a short or long form. Ideally, you should use shorter videos towards the top of your funnel and longer ones towards the bottom. That said, it’s not a rule of thumb, but rather something you will need to figure out on your own by understanding what kind of content the audience is looking for.


Examples of Effective Marketing Videos

“I Choose to Grow Better” by Hubspot

HubSpot is one of the leading experts in the field of content marketing. They created this middle-of-funnel video to highlight one of the biggest challenges that most marketers face today, i.e. the pressure to generate more revenue above everything else. The video tries to address this challenge by advising a change in mindset, so marketers can give adequate importance to their audience and understand what they are looking for. This way, they can create content that’s useful for the target audience and eventually help get better results from the marketing campaigns.

“Our Blades Are Great” by Dollar Shave Club

This video by Dollar Shave Club is a great example of what you can achieve by using video in your marketing campaign. The video has leveraged the power of storytelling really well to highlight the value proposition of their offer and helped the creators pull in million views. As a result, they were able to generate a massive amount of leads which later became their loyal customers. You too can do the same!

“Introducing Pillow Talk” by Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury knows how to use videos to pull in their target audience by leveraging the power of aspirational and visually appealing imagery. It makes their audience connect deeper with their brand messaging and helps them achieve great results on social media.

“Call of the Wild” by Netflix

Ever wondered how you can use interactive video in your marketing funnel? Look at how Netflix did it in this short 25-second video using YouTube’s video embed feature, presenting the viewers with a choice towards the end of the video. It makes the viewers feel engaged and gives them more control over the content they’re about to consume. At the same time, you get to present your content in a more enticing way and generate better results from your videos.

“Make Your Next Move” by Squarespace

Squarespace has made good use of cinematic visuals in each frame of this video ad to emphasise its value proposition. While they certainly had the option to showcase some beautiful websites created using their online software, they chose to showcase the story of an award-winning actor, John Malkovich. The story speaks a lot about their commitment to excellence and inspires the viewers to achieve what they aspire for. The lesson here is that your video message doesn’t always need to be literal, if the purpose is to grow brand recognition and build an emotional connection with your target audience.


Final Thoughts

All it takes is a little planning and plenty of creativity in order to integrate video into your marketing funnel and get the desired outcomes from your campaign. Remember that video, just like any other piece of content you are using in your campaign, must be designed with a unique purpose to make it effective.

Fortunately, that’s where we can offer our expertise. We’re a video production company that’s worked with countless brands to help them achieve some remarkable results using professionally designed, high-quality video content. If you wish to discuss your project with our team of video production experts, contact us today!

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