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We recently organised a brainstorming session in the office to discuss how to best showcase our wonderful Coolbox Films Team in a more approachable and personable way, via our website and various social media platforms.

As a result we have reworked our ABOUT PAGE in order to authentically display who we are, what we do and how we do it, while also highlighting our amazing team skillsets and working ethos as a Brighton based video production company:


Everyone was asked for their input to help create a ‘Meet the Team’ narrative using images and videos shot in and around our office in New England House, Brighton. The photoshoot was expertly co-ordinated by our resident photographer and social media manager Maya.

As co-founder of Coolbox Films it was fantastic to see the younger members of our team so engaged and energetic around the project, which also kicked started numerous online content strategies. Watch this space…

We really do have a FANTASTIC TEAM here at Coolbox…

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