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For over two decades, CoolBox Films has produced films of all kinds for clients of all sizes. As an inclusive video production company in Brighton, we offer companies, organisations, and brands a suite of professional filming, editing, and animation services.

Our films range from virtual event presentations, promos, and public service announcements to short documentaries, social media content, animations, and everything in between. With our extensive experience in the film production business, there isn’t a type of film we haven’t worked on.

Partner with CoolBox to see what’s possible for your brand’s next film. We never settle for films that are less than incredible. 

More Than Video Production

We're a full-service video team

CoolBox is more than a video agency.

We’re a full-fledged film production partner, offering all-encompassing, end-to-end video services.

What does that mean? 

Ideation and Briefing

That we’re working for you from square one – before square one even. Even if you have zero ideas, even if the only thing you know is that you’d like a film of some kind for your brand, you can come to CoolBox. We handle ideation, letting you know what’s possible for a film after consulting with you for the first time.

Capturing Footage

Once you’ve settled on an idea, our resourceful team of camera operators, producers, directors, and audio-visual support staff will shoot the video. We even provide underwater camera operators if needed. We take however much time is necessary to capture the shots we need to make your film extraordinary. But keep in mind, we’re experts. We’ve done this so many times, with so many clients, we’re also incredibly efficient.

Post production

Finally, we dive into post-production with our in-house team. Editing, colour correction and grading, subtitles and translation, sound design, and any extras your film needs – we provide. Our team can even procure an original soundtrack, to enhance and distinguish your film further. 

CoolBox Films is your team for superior video production. We’ll provide unparalleled service on any video project, from start to finish.

Video Production in Brighton and Beyond

At CoolBox, we work with companies and organisations of all sizes, from all over the world. From our studio and offices in Brighton, we reach a global clientele, working on projects intended for a local audience, or an international one.

From big-budget TV adverts to quiet but moving documentaries, we’ve produced countless styles of films for hundreds of clients. There’s no project too big, too small, too niche, or too corporate for us to work on. At CoolBox, we pride ourselves on our versatility and we’ve established that flair by challenging ourselves. We love meeting with clients from sectors we’re unfamiliar with and taking on new and exciting film projects.

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By producing films for a variety of clients for over two decades, we haven’t just created an extensive portfolio. We’ve proven our expertise and adaptability in taking on new projects. That’s why, if you’re even considering a professional film, we encourage you to contact us. 


At CoolBox Films, we don’t let geography or project scope limit us. We don’t think you should either.

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