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At CoolBox Films, our team of video production specialists provide you with a professional, collaborative, and creative process to deliver video content that helps your organisation achieve its goals. We’ll discuss your brand and your objectives with you extensively, and offer our ideas, suggestions, and solutions to produce a video that fits your brand perfectly. 

Our services are bespoke, as no two of our clients are alike. We approach each project with a fresh perspective and a distinct take that’s based solely on your organisation’s identity, values, and mission. Our bespoke process is why we put so much effort into learning about your brand! We spend time getting to know you so we can create campaigns and projects that address your target audience. We’ll also guide you through every step of the process to ensure the production of impactful video content.

Video Production Process

We start every project with a consultation, where we learn about you and your objectives. After we’ve discussed your ideas and concepts regarding your film, we’ll let you know what options are available in terms of style, format, and tone. We’ll also give you our professional recommendations for what we think will make the best video possible for your brand. Once we have your approval on the video’s concept, basis, and structure, we start shooting, or production. After the shoot is done we head into post-production, where we put final touches and modifications on your film. Throughout this process, you can be as involved as you’d like. We don’t mind if you want to ask questions or offer suggestions at any point in the process. The approach we take to producing your video is always tailored to your preferences and we value your input.

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Film Production from start to finish With CoolBox

CoolBox provide groundbreaking video production throughout the UK and on a worldwide stage. Working with us gives you instant access to years of specialist knowledge – all of which is ready to be invested into your project at a moment’s notice. In real terms, this means you are guaranteed the below and much more:

Frequently Asked Questions

Our process starts with an initial consultation. After you’ve contacted us about your film idea, we’ll discuss with you what options are available as well as give you our professional recommendations. Once we’re in agreement on the film’s basis, structure, and format, we begin shooting. After the footage is captured, we proceed to post-production, then onto final delivery. You can choose to be highly involved at each step of the process, providing your input or asking us questions. Or you can opt to let us complete the project and deliver the final product to you. Our approach is always tailored to your specifications.

Our video production services are comprehensive: ideation, briefing, scripting, storyboarding, filming, post-production, and delivery. We’re able to do every type of filming you can imagine, including an in-house licensed drone pilot, underwater camera operators, and 360-degree filming. We are your video production partner on each project from start to finish. No two films are exactly the same, either, so we’re flexible in our approach. We fit our production in around your timescale and budget.

We offer a variety of animation services, including 2D, 3D, motion graphics, infographics, photo-realistic CGI. Our production and animation resources are comprehensive so we can customise your film to your brand.

Our suite of social media video production includes YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, viral videos, and any other type of online video. An ad for Instagram, an embedded explainer on your website’s homepage – if you’re after online videos, we have the technical expertise to produce them. 

Every aspect of the production process from concept to delivery is completed in-house. Our camera operators, script writers, directors, producers, actors, audio-visual staff, and editors are all at your disposal to create a superior film for your brand. We handle every step in the film production process.

We always agree on a project brief before we start production. CoolBox a full-service video production agency, but we don’t want to make a film you’ll hate! So the more collaboration we have at the beginning the better, and the more questions you ask, the happier you’ll be with the finished product.

We prefer to start off on the same page before production begins, that way revisions aren’t needed. We do, however, include a round of revisions and a polish in our initial quote. We’re always happy to keep working on a film until a client is delighted with it.

As with all aspects of our production process, video editing is done in-house. All edits are thoroughly checked before we deliver the final version of the film to you.

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