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Many major companies and international corporations have started relying on brand animation as a new way to promote their brand name. Animated brand videos, ads, and logos, are an engaging way to heighten your brand identity. CoolBox films can craft your perfect brand animation, whether for a video, advert, or logo.

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What is Brand Animation?

Brand animation comes in the form of explainer videos, ads, or animated logos. Any form of animated content that serves the purpose of directly promoting your brand name can fall into this category. You might make an animated, instructional video on how to use one of your products. A video like this promotes your brand by familiarising the customer with your name and your products or services.

Animated Ads

Brand animation is a great tool for producing explainer videos. In addition, motion graphics can be used in adverts. If you don’t want to produce an instructional video, you can still utilise animation to make an eye-catching video. Animated videos can simplify your message for your viewers, making them more likely to engage.

Animated Logo

One of the most powerful ways to use brand animation is with an animated logo. In the past, brand names were only recognisable by their static logo – the colours, the lettering, the shape of the image, and so on. Logo design is still fundamental to promoting a brand, and static logos should be done well if a brand wants to be memorable. Today, however, organisations have another option when it comes to logos – animation.

Animated logos aren’t new, we’ve seen them on television adverts for years. But logo animation for the digital space is another beast altogether. Thanks to the extensive reach of the internet, you can place your animated logo across your online marketing and distribution channels. At CoolBox, our expert animation designers are experienced in creating stand-out, seamless logo animation. 

Why has Brand Animation Become So Popular?

Top companies are turning to brand animation because of its huge marketing potential. Statistics show that consumers are much more likely to buy a product once they’ve watched an explainer video on it. Adding animation to your videos makes them enticing and easy for viewers to understand. 

The same goes for ads. With motion graphics animation, you have the opportunity to make a visually vibrant and memorable video for viewers. With animated adverts, you can incorporate aspects like company colours or a logo. A brand animation ad is a perfect platform to integrate your animated logo onto. 

A simple animation for a logo can leave a big impression. But longer, more detailed graphics can also help get your message across. How you choose to present your brand logo is up to you. Whichever way you choose, though, should elevate your brand. 

How to Create Effective Brand Animation

At CoolBox, we help brands tell their stories and express their values to their customers through our films. Brand animation is an optimal way to forge this connection with your audience. Well-produced brand animation should do 4 things – compete, individualise, network, and harmonise. 


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