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CoolBox Films specialises in creating corporate videos for any occasion. We’ve worked with companies and organisations around the world, helping them define their brand and spread their message to their customers through sensational films. As part of our corporate video production, we also cover complete video animation. Our in-house team will take full responsibility for your animated corporate film from start to finish, with your consultation at every step in the process.

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What Does a Corporate Animated Video Do?

Corporate animation can refer to an animated video for commercial or promotional purposes. It typically denotes a video created with motion graphics animation, but it can also rely on 2D, 3D, or stop-motion animation. When talking about animated logos or adverts, we may also refer to brand animation. Visit our page about brand animation to see the services we offer.

Corporate animated videos could be instructional in nature, breaking down how a product or service offered by your business works. These explainer videos are a common way for organisations to provide customer service and promote their brand. In many cases, animated explainer videos are more enticing because they’re visually appealing and simpler for viewers to digest.

Why Use Corporate Animation?

There’s a strong case for using video rather than text in your promotional content. People much more easily remember what they hear and see in a video than what they read in an article. And animated videos are even more memorable. Animation in corporate videos can leave an impression on the viewer that other forms of video simply can’t.

Integrating corporate animation into your marketing platform can significantly boost customer engagement. You can distribute an animated video across all your channels – website, social media, email campaigns, and more. Corporate animation can make your brand more cohesive and, therefore, more enduring.

Additionally, communication via animation is limited only by your creativity. With all types of animation at our disposal, we can create whatever you have in mind for your corporate video.

Our Tips for Corporate Animation Production

With years of experience producing corporate films, both animated and non-animated, we’ve learned some basic tenets of creating videos for business. Our tips for successful corporate animation production are sharing your brand’s personality, sizing up your audience, considering video length, and identifying your market.


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