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Video Animation Services

Video animation is a useful way to get your message across. You can use animation to simplify instructions in an explainer video or to make your content generally more consumable for your audience. CoolBox’s in-house team of post production experts will work with you to create the perfect animation design for your video. Whether it’s stop-motion, 2D, or 3D, we can make your animated content visually engaging. 

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What is Video Animation?

Technically, video and animation are two different things. Video is the captured recording of still or moving objects, whereas animation is drawing or creating frames and putting them together in a series to make them appear as though they’re moving. Video also refers to a broader medium that can include animation, though.

At CoolBox, when we refer to video animation, we are talking about adding animated elements to a film we produce for you – whether in part or in whole. You may also see this referred to as animated video. We can produce a professional, animated video for you in-house, no matter the style of animation you’re picturing. We also offer full subtitle and translation services for all the films we produce. 

What do Animation Designers Do?

Animation design is a creative job that includes working with computer technology to create images and effects for video or other media, utilising one of the above animation methods. Animation designers can work in a number of industries, including film and television but also social media and marketing. Animation designers often must collaborate with several people from different fields, including graphic designers, video and audio producers, photographers, and others.

By working with CoolBox, you’ll have access to premier animation designers who are at the top of their fields. No matter what you envision for your video, we have the right animation tools to make it possible.

What are the Benefits of Professional Video Animation?

Animation is a wide-ranging field and successful animators must have creative and technical expertise. Mastery of particular animation programmes and software are a must to create professional-quality animated videos. With the rise of online video, it’s become easier than ever to create your own animation. But by working with a professional agency that produces your animated video from start to finish, you can make your film stand out.

Hiring a professional agency for video animation also saves you time and money. You can ensure you have exactly the video you want – or rely on our expertise and allow us to suggest ways to make your video even better. If you have need of a promotional animated video for your business or ad campaign, you don’t have the time to learn how to do it yourself. By delegating the project to an agency like CoolBox, you can focus on other areas of your business, increasing overall productivity.

Take a look at our pages about brand animation, corporate animation, and animated explainer videos to learn more about our video animation services.

5 Types of Video Animation

There are five major types of animation that film creators use today. At CoolBox, we employ each of these techniques in a different capacity – depending upon the needs of our client. There’s traditional animation, 2D animation, 3D computer animation, motion graphics, and stop-motion. 


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