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Coolbox is the go-to production company for the property development sector. We work with you at every stage of the process, from capturing sites pre-construction through to creating beautiful lifestyle films that sell the finished development. With every aspect of production available in house, from drone photography through to CGI animation, we are the perfect choice to help market and gain investment for your developments.

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Producing Films that Secure Investment

To secure investors for your property development, you have to show them value. Presentation is everything when it comes to promoting your property, and there’s no better presentation than a film. We make your development stand out with a premium video that showcases your property from its best angles. With our professional production techniques, including CGI animation and drone video shooting, we’ll instill confidence in your investors.

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As experts in property video production, we know the difference between films for investors and films for buyers. A property film produced by our staff will hit all the right notes, featuring the unique selling points of your development. It takes value to express value – if you want to exhibit the quality and profitability of your property, you need a film produced by professionals.


When it’s time to look for buyers for your property, you need a different approach from the one you took with investors. While investors focus on potential, imagining what your property could be, buyers search for an experience. To appeal to buyers, you have to create and demonstrate a tangible lifestyle around your development. Buyers are more interested in what you have to offer them right now, not what you can do for them later.

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The difference between these two types of property films can be nuanced. The wrong tone could alienate one group or the other, and you need both investors and buyers to make your development successful. Our team understands these details and knows how to capture just the right style to attract your target audience. We’ve created property films for many developers, so we’re familiar with the industry, what works, and what doesn’t.

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Expert Property Video Production

Our property video services are comprehensive. As professional film producers, we offer you the latest techniques at the highest standards.

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