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With our full range of social media video production, CoolBox offers videos catered to publication on Facebook. We have years of experience producing high-quality videos for large and small brands, from adverts to ethnographies to animated shorts. As a result, we channel that expertise into our Facebook video production, creating an optimised ad or video for your Facebook profile.

Our Facebook Video Services

As Facebook becomes more and more crowded with videos and ads, you need to ensure yours will stand out. CoolBox have been creating cutting-edge, innovative videos for years. We know how to capture and hold the attention of viewers, even on a platform like Facebook.

If your company is looking to rebrand itself via a social media marketing campaign, then you’ll need high-quality Facebook videos. Whether you want to create a series of adverts, a brand storytelling video, or an animated explainer, we can produce your Facebook video content. We will consult with you, suggesting our ideas for the optimal Facebook video, based on your brand’s message and needs.

All of our work is done in-house, including post-production. CoolBox take full responsibility for the production of your video, and we only make modifications that you approve of. You can also trust that your video content is safe with us and won’t be shared.

What Makes a Great Facebook Video?

In the last several years, Facebook has become one of the top social media platforms for sharing videos. Over 8 billion videos are watched on Facebook every day. The platform should, therefore, be an essential part of your video marketing strategy. CoolBox can craft your video specifically for the platform and help you optimise it for views and engagement.

When we work with you to produce a stunning, engaging video for Facebook, we follow some basic guidelines.

Creating Your Company Facebook Advert

Video advertising on Facebook is a great opportunity to reach your target audience. Facebook can curate users’ ads based on their likes and previous activity. These metrics allow you to cater your video specifically to your prospective customers, ensuring that your videos engage with the groups you’re trying to reach. With Facebook’s autoplay feature, your video adverts go directly to users’ home feeds. They can also be played on mobile, which is where most people view Facebook videos.

Since CoolBox have created videos for advertising campaigns in the past, we’re no stranger to the Facebook video advert. Whatever your vision is, no matter the branded messaging you’re aiming to get across to your audience, we can bring it to life.

For more about our social media video production services, see our pages on YouTube videos, Instagram videos, and viral videos.



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