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Shareable, viral content is a huge boost for your video marketing campaign. For a video to go viral, it should be highly entertaining or engaging. It should attract attention quickly and speak to a wide audience. Practically anything can go viral in today’s digital world – a silly video of your dog shot on your smartphone camera can go viral.

But in order to leverage the potential of a viral video, and possibly create more than one single viral video, quality should count. If you’re aiming to incorporate your viral video into your larger marketing strategy, then it should have some staying power as well. How can you achieve this? With a high-quality video produced by professionals. CoolBox will be your partner in creating a video that bumps your metrics in both the short and long term.

Our Services for Producing Viral Videos

Just as with our other video production services, we take viral video creation seriously. We won’t deliver a hastily-shot smartphone clip of your dog. We’ll apply our years of experience in the video and film industry to produce a stunning, engaging viral video.

How do we do this? At CoolBox, we pride ourselves on our cutting-edge approach and penchant for capturing each client’s individual message. Whether you’re telling your brand story, profiling an influential individual, or promoting your organisation with an animated advert, our production experts will consult with you extensively on your viral video’s vision, as well as make suggestions to take it to its highest level of quality.

With our viral video production services, you’ll not only have access to our video expertise but also our social media video savvy. Having created viral videos for social media platforms in the past, we understand the finer points of video production for online distribution. With CoolBox, you’ll have a premium video that is also optimised for social sharing and likability. 



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Why Viral Video Production?

How can a viral video boost your brand’s messaging? While the exact definition of “viral” is contested, it usually means a high number of views in a very short amount of time. Viral videos are good for your marketing strategy because videos are, in general, excellent for your marketing strategy. Video has helped marketers increase traffic to their websites, generate leads, heighten user understanding of their product or service, and it’s gotten marketers good ROI.

 In addition, users want to see viral-style videos from their favourite brands. Most people prefer video content to other forms, and many cite video explainers or branded videos as the reason for purchasing a product or engaging more with a particular brand. The appeal of viral videos is simply too enticing to ignore, especially if you want a solid marketing campaign.

The Elements of a Viral Video

What makes a good viral video? At CoolBox, we incorporate three major elements into our clients’ viral videos. 

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