CoolBox are experts in social media video production, including YouTube. For brands looking to break into video marketing, or those that want to clean up their current content, we can help. Our years of video production experience have lent us the expertise to create stunning, engaging YouTube videos that will effectively promote your brand.

Marketing Your Video on YouTube

With millions of worldwide viewers every day and new video content uploaded every minute on YouTube, your video needs to be fully optimised to stand out. At CoolBox, we have experience producing videos specifically for the world’s largest video sharing platform. Apart from creating a professional, high-quality video, we understand the techniques that can help your video rank in YouTube search results.

Indeed, when it comes to promoting video content on YouTube and social media, it takes more than a great video. We adapt our production techniques depending on the video’s ultimate destination. For YouTube, we make structured videos that are easy for users to watch and navigate from your brand’s YouTube channel. We also create appealing and engaging videos that catch viewers’ attention and hold it – with so much content out there it’s easy for people to get distracted and move on.

In addition, when you share a video on YouTube, the title, description, and metadata are significant for attracting attention. With a catchy, descriptive title and equally compelling description, your video content is more likely to rank higher in search, as well as communicate a superior quality to your target audience.



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Why Host Your Own YouTube Channel?

If you’re planning to use video content regularly as part of your social media marketing strategy – and you should! – then having your own, verified YouTube channel is essential. That way, all of your videos are in one place and you can organise them into playlists by topic. If you release a captivating video that makes your audience clamour for more, they’ll be disappointed if you have no channel to direct them to.

Hosting a YouTube channel with both “evergreen” brand videos and regularly updated video content is a sure way to cultivate an online social media presence. A channel also allows you to centralise all of your video content. If you include videos regularly on your company blog, users can easily find them, along with your advertising videos, on your YouTube channel.

What Makes a Great YouTube Video?

At CoolBox, our years of experience in the video industry have translated well into the digital age. Producing video for social media, and specifically for YouTube, requires particular elements. For instance, compelling videos on YouTube today should have an attractive introduction. The intro could feature branded messaging in the first seconds of the video, to identify your brand to the viewer right away. Your intro might look different, though, if you choose a storytelling technique for your video. Whichever style you choose, we’ll create an introduction for your video that intrigues and holds attention.

Another stylistic choice for your video is the audio. Many YouTube amateurs neglect the importance of audio and end up producing boring videos. Whether it’s ensuring any dialogue or voiceover can be clearly heard, creating an original score or background track, or translating your video for an international audience, we at CoolBox ensure the audio serves your overall message.

CoolBox YouTube Video Production

At CoolBox, all work is done in-house, so you can trust that your content won’t be shared with or seen by anyone else. You can also trust that superior CoolBox quality is applied throughout the process. For more about our social media video production, see our pages about Facebook videos, Instagram videos, and viral videos.

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