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We help our clients deliver their brand messages into millions of homes around the world by creating compelling and unique TV commercials. We offer a complete end-to-end TV advert production service from conception through to post-production, ensuring every element complies with Clearcast regulations, while engaging and persuading your target audience.

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Our emphasis is on producing high quality production value that will drive your audience to react to your call to action. At CoolBox we take the time to understand the dynamics of your brand and customers, so we can produce an advert that speaks directly to them. And if you want to air your commercial in non-English speaking territories, our localisation service will ensure nothing is lost in translation.

All of our producers have years of experience and will help to identify the perfect location, advise on ideas, hire the right equipment and source exceptional talent. Our production crew consists of broadcast-qualified directors, camera operators and editors, while our specialist script writers have gained a reputation for developing powerful and convincing content.

Any content created for TV can also be used for other advertising platforms. Our post production team have helped countless brands to re-purpose their commercial content into specialised social media advertisement’s to huge success. After all, why pay to advertise on one platform, when it can be reused to gain traction for your company elsewhere?


How we work
At CoolBox we follow a defined process that enables us to create exactly what our clients want, each and every time. All of our producers hail from TV advertising backgrounds, and each have extensive experience and knowledge of how to translate concepts from paper to the screen. No matter how large or small the production, there will be a dedicated producer available throughout the project to ensure everything is professionally managed along the way. The first step is to understand your brand and product/service, which enables us to put together initial creative ideas.

In the early stages of development we suggest a number of creative routes for our clients, so they have a number of ideas available to them. This can be anything from sample advert scripts, to top-line concepts. This is discussed at length with the client to assess what works best for them, while remaining within the parameters of the budget and deadline.

We then move onto fully developing and completing the script, ensuring it meets Clearcast’s advertising regulations. Our aim is to have this approved as early in the process as possible to prevent any production delays at a later stage. Pre-production also involves identifying any outdoor locations that may be required, and the logistics involved with the shoot. If a client has chosen animation for the advertisement, at this point we begin work on storyboarding.

With all the dates and logistics organised, we will hold the last pre-production meeting where we ensure everything has been covered, so both the client and crew are aware of what will take place during the shoot.

Using our specialist in-house editing and post production suites, we will put together a rough cut version of the advert that will give an idea of how it will look once completed. Our team can then go on to colour grading, sound editing and any other refinements needed to make it look professional and one of a kind.

The Experts in Advert Production

CoolBox are a unique one-stop shop full of stylish production techniques, innovative ideas and intelligent distribution that deliver high quality, results driven TV adverts.

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