Carling Ukraine

Directed by Den Caron and working directly with Family Productions based in the Ukraine, we were commissioned to shoot this TV commercial for the Polish market.
We were responsible for every element of the production – the edits were all created in the UK and then the foreign markets did their own versions locally.

Hitachi TV Sponsorship

All shot in studio with a small crew and a set build these series of sponsorship idents. All creative, shooting and set design was done in house on a shoe string.


Commissioned by Odeon we created this in cinema commercial entirely form 3D motion graphics and sound design.

The aim was to create a vibrant image to test the new projectors in the cinemas and push what we could do with the 5.1. sound in the cinemas – we spent a long time getting the multi channel sound just right.

Hello Cinema Ads

This simple TVC was just created from supplied assets and footage we had shot on the red carpet for them on previous jobs. The job was cut together and completed within 2 days. Not all jobs are this easy.

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