Good Housekeeping

Mis-conception is a thing that even the most established brands suffer from, time to time. Good Housekeeping is one of those. Traditionally it was always the coffee table read of 50 something housewives, this couldn’t be further from the truth with its now very youthful following.

We shot this promo over 2 days and spend a week in post to create a sales film that would help to unravel the misconception that no one under 25 would read this publication.

Jean-Louis Deniot

The renowned interior designer, Jean-Louise Deniot whilst doing a magazine spread in Luxdeco’s exclusive publication, allowed us to follow him for 2 days around Paris to create a series of films showing how he gets his inspiration.

WFA Global Marketeer

The World Federation of Advertisers play a crucial role in the world of Marketing and Advertising therefore when ‘The Global Marketer of the Year’ Awards come around there are always some very big names in the industry vying for the very prestigious award.
We were commissioned to interview the short list which saw us flying all over the world to interview the nominees.