User Generated Content

Introducing Add.Video – The User Generated Content Tool

is a simple, effective way to gather user generated content (UGC) for your brand.


The mobile application platform allows customers to send you video feedback, reviews, and insights. After they record, the video is uploaded to a secure server and our CoolBox and Add.Video team edits the customer reactions into a final video.

How Does Add.Video Work?

Learn what really matters to your consumers by getting their direct insights, through Add.Video. Like all of CoolBox’s film production, the Add.Video process is streamlined and straightforward.

Step 1

Agencies and brands want valuable insights on a product or service so they recruit a group of respondents in their target audience

Step 2

The Add.Video team receives your respondents’ details and invites each one to download the app or login to our desktop platform

Step 3

Respondents can see your product and service questions in the app and start recording their responses straight away

Step 4

You monitor answers as they come in and add comments if needed

Step 5

Once we’ve gathered all the reaction videos, we review the footage, extract the insights, and produce a clean, branded video to meet your UGC strategy

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Key Features

Who Uses Add.Video?

Add.Video is for any company, brand, or agency that wants better insights into their target audience. We work with large companies who want branded UGC and small businesses looking to collect testimonials. Marketing agencies use Add.Video to gather raw, insightful data from consumers. International companies use the platform to quickly collect feedback from all over the world – a difficult logistical task without our platform.

If you think your brand can benefit from review and insight videos, then Add.Video is for you. Get in contact with the CoolBox team if you have questions, or to see if the platform is right for your company.

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