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Coolbox delivers stunning promotional, educational and internal charity organisation’s film, including social media, advertising video content and post-production.

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At CoolBox we create captivating and inspiring charity videos that deliver your organisation’s intended message.  The goal of most charity videos is to drive viewers to respond to a call to action, whether it’s donating to your charity, building awareness around an important issue, or galvanising volunteers. Our video production service is perfect for producing short, powerful and captivating charity films. We make sure your core message is heard loud and clear.


Charity Campaign Video:

By using the expertise of a video production company like coolbox we can plan and execute your campaign with the goal to maximiser your fundraising efforts. Creating, planning, promoting and capturing a charity event is no easy task. Fortunately a good strong video promotion helps capture and communicate with your core audience.


Create Your Charity Campaign Film:

Your goal is to fundraise and attract potential donors for a great cause. Allow our video production team to be your go to partners when it comes to creativity and effective video messaging. We offer a full A-Z service designed to make your charity film a huge success.


Why Use Charity Video Production:

Complement your charity marketing strategy

In any industry, videos are an important marketing tool. For charities, they can help show your target audience what your mission is, rather than just telling them. Showing, not telling, has a much more profound impact as a marketing strategy for charities than for most other organisations. CoolBox can help you achieve your objectives and bring this marketing strategy to life.

Creative video techniques

As a team of creatives with expertise in video production, we rely on innovative and unique approaches to creating videos. If you want your charity video to stand out – and you should – we can find a new, compelling way to convey your message. With our experience and passion for creativity, we’ll produce a video that reflects your charity’s identity in an enticing way.

Find the right style for you

Charity videos do not have to conform to one style. There’s a broad range of video concepts and formats to choose from when producing your charity video. This wide array of techniques allows us to tailor the video’s style to your charity’s objectives. By exploring all the options, we can develop a video that truly reflects the character of your charity and makes it memorable to your audience.

International charity content

CoolBox has experience working in a global context, having collaborated with clients from all over the world. If your charity wants to reach international audiences, we have the tools to make it happen. We can overcome language barriers with translations and subtitles, as well as by targeting the video’s content to your intended audience.


Benefits of a charity videographer:


In conclusion

Video is a dynamic and indispensable tool that can be applied to a Charity organisation’s communications.

Video’s ability to simplify complex information, engage diverse audiences, and adapt to the evolving landscape of an industry makes it a valuable asset for charity based organisations, agencies, services and its professionals.

Whether it’s for education, promotion, advertising or internal communications, video can play a pivotal role in shaping the visual representation of the charity sector’s communication strategies.


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