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At CoolBox we help bring stories to life through our expert documentary video production services. As a leading documentary production company, we specialise in creating compelling, thought-provoking documentaries that resonate with your target audience. From the initial concept to the final cut, our team of documentary videographers and producers work collaboratively to ensure that each project we undertake is not only seen and heard but also felt.

Our teams passion for storytelling drives us to explore new perspectives, challenge conventional thinking, and amplify untold stories. With years of experience in documentary video production, the Coolbox team possesses the skills, creativity, and technical expertise required to produce high-quality video documentaries that engage, informs, and inspires. Our Documentary Production Services Include:


Concept Ideation: The foundation of your video documentary is everything. We can help turn your ideas into a compelling narrative.

On-Site Documentary Videography: Our documentary videographers are excellent at capturing authentic moments with the use of state-of-the-art equipment.

Finishing Touches: From editing to colour grading, our post-production team ensures your documentary shines in its best light. Those final details really make all the difference.

Get Seen: Build it and they will come never quite works. Our team can help your new documentary to reach their target audience through strategic distribution channels.



Documentaries in Production: Our Process In more detail


Pre-production: Everything starts with solid research, planning, and preparation. This is where ideas are thrown out there, refined, objectives are set, and a roadmap for the documentary is laid out from start to finish. Pre production tasks include scripting, storyboarding, securing permissions, and casting, all aimed at setting the stage for a smooth production phase.

Production: Production, is when the filming takes place. The exciting bit. This phase can vary greatly in length and complexity, depending on the scope of the documentary and your requirements. It involves on-site shooting, interviews, and capturing B-roll, all requiring meticulous attention to detail and adaptability from the crew.

Post-production: After the cameras stop rolling, the post-production phase begins. This stage is where the story truly comes together in its finished form. Editing is a major component, involving the cutting and sequencing of footage, but it also includes colour grading, sound design, and adding any necessary visual effects. The goal is to create a cohesive, compelling narrative from the raw footage captured during production.

Distribution: The final stage is getting the documentary to its audience. This can involve submitting to film festivals, negotiating with broadcasters, or planning an online release. Each avenue has its own set of considerations, from formatting requirements to promotional strategies.

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Coolbox Films is more than just a service provider; we are storytellers at heart. Our team are dedicated to bringing untold stories to as many eyeballs as possible. Our documentaries are designed to provoke perspective and act as the voices of tomorrow. We believe an impactful documentary inspires conversation and change.

Are you ready to bring your documentary concept to life?

Whether you’re looking to explore social issues, highlight personal journeys, or uncover historical truths, CoolBox is here to turn your vision into reality. To us, your project is not just another video doc production; it’s a unique journey to create a documentary that leave a lasting impact.

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