E-Learning Video Production

E-learning materials are a fantastic addition to Corporate Video Production. Access to company learning material and processes make onboarding new talent a brease. Furthermore, corporate e-learning material means all internal training and support is being delivered at a high standard. Many think E-learning material is boring, however, the team at CoolBox Films specialise in creating engaging and informative modules.

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Education and Training through Professional Video Production

Expertise in E-Learning Videos

Cool Box Films understands the key components to effective e-learning videos. We understand that each business sector has unique needs and training requirements. Our team can help create clear and concise lessons designed to keep your team engaged, ensuring that learners are receiving the best online training experience possible.

Corporate E-Learning Video Solutions

Our services includes a wide range of video types tailored to your specific corporate goals. Whether you are looking for onboarding videos to welcome and train new employees or detailed online training videos for a specialised departments, Cool Box Films works hard to understand your business and your objectives. By working collaboratively with your internal team we can fine tune internal training through the power of video.

Our E-Learning Video Production Services

Video Training and Online Training Videos

We create detailed video training modules that cater to various learning styles and needs. Our online training videos are designed to hold the viewer’s attention and make complex information easy to digest, enhancing the learning experience and ensuring better retention of information. Access to video training also allowed colleagues to revisit lessons, removing any pressures of having to ask managers to repeat themselves or show them something again.

Onboarding Videos

Onboarding is crucial for getting new hires up to speed with company policies and procedures. Onboarding has become increasingly challenging, especially with the rise of remote and hybrid working. This means training can often be disjointed and no real standards are set. Onboarding video creation is the answer. Systems and process tutorials are streamlined and accessable to all which helps new employees settle in smoothly to their new role/department.

Educational Video Production

Collegues are constantly looking for training and support internally.As a leading educational video production company, Cool Box Films understands the nuances of creating content that educates, engages, and inspires. We produce high-quality educational videos that serve as valuable resources for learners and educators alike.

Choosing CoolBox Films

Need E-Learning and Online Training Videos For Your Business?

The team here at Cool Box Films can work closely with your management team to produce high-quality educational video production. Contact us today to discover how our e-learning and online training materials can enhance your internal training and how content can be used to seamlessly onboard new members of staff.


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