Ecommerce & Retail Video Production

High quality ecommerce and retail video production has become an essential component to online success. Cool Box Films is here to help you bring your brand story to life through effective e-commerce and retail video production. Retail is extremely competitive which is why effective use of video is exactly what you need to gain a competitive edge. Our retail video capabilities are designed to help you stand out and convert more customers.

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Elevate Your Online Presence With The Power Of Video Marketing

Enhancing Retail Experiences Through Video

Ecommerce and retail markets are fast paced. Our expert e-commerce and retail video production services cater towards brands that are looking to thrive across various online platforms. From useful promotional videos and clear informational content to engaging influencer videos and compelling social media content, Cool Box Films creates retail videos that convert.

Educate Your Audience With Multiple Touch points

Videos are a powerful tool to engage your audience. It has been widely documented that you need 7 touchpoints with new customers before they gain enough trust in your brand to become a customer. Educating your ideal customers about your products is often overlooked. Gone are the days of pushy sales videos, now you must be strategic and guide the buyer through a well-crafted brand journey. At Cool Box Films, we understand that each video is a touchpoint on your customer’s journey. Our strategic approach ensures that every piece of content we produce strengthens your brand identity and leaves a lasting impression on your audience.


Retail Video Services

Promotional Retail Videos

Want to push a specific product? Put the spotlight on your products with promotional videos that are designed to draw attention. Our promotional videos are designed to market your products features and benefits in a way that leaves customers thinking purchasing is a “no-brainer”.

Retail Explainer/Demonstration Videos

If your customers aren’t quite sure what your product is or what it does, it”s highly likely they aren’t going to purchase. Cool Box Films’s explainer/demonstration videos show your product in action and address customer pain points and your product solutions effortlessly. Product videos make your products look awesome and remove potential barriers to conversion.

Influencer Marketing and Social Media Videos

Influencer video marketing and social media videos are significant tools for reaching a broader audience. Cool Box Films can help craft meaningful collaborations with influencers to create authentic and relatable content that resonates with your target market. Video is a fantastic way to build trust online for e-commerce companies.

Brand Identity

Consistency is key. Our video production ensures that your brand identity and core message shines through consistently. This helps keep the buyers journey positive whilst establishing stronger customer loyalty.

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Need Professional Video Production For Your Retail & Ecommerce Business?

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