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Charity Video Production Services

Charities rely on donations from benefactors to keep running, and getting financial support at a not-for-profit isn’t always easy. One way to capture donors’ attention and promote the values and mission of your charity is with an engaging, visually impressive video. Charity videos can have a dramatic impact on a not-for-profit, helping to inspire people to take action. With the help of an experienced video production agency, your charity can produce an effective, moving film.

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At CoolBox we create captivating and inspiring charity videos that deliver your organisation’s intended message.  The goal of most charity videos is to drive viewers to respond to a call to action, whether it’s donating to your charity, building awareness around an important issue, or galvanising volunteers. Our team of video production experts works closely with you to ensure your content conveys your message flawlessly. 

A charity video should rely on storytelling, whatever the aim of the video. Informing the viewer of the charity’s mission and why it matters or letting them know how an important issue impacts them takes insightful storytelling skills. We’re committed to telling your story and letting your values shine through your video. Our concern isn’t only creating a stunning video, it’s helping your target audience know, understand, and recognise the work your charity does. 

Charity videos can be extraordinarily moving. With the right message and accompanying visual elements, a charity video can stir someone to act when they haven’t before. A good charity video should leave a memorable impression in the minds of viewers – they should keep thinking about your story long after the video is over. Achieving a video this impressive isn’t easy to do without the help of a professional video production agency.

Why Use Charity Video Production?

Complement your charity marketing strategy

In any industry, videos are an important marketing tool. For charities, they can help show your target audience what your mission is, rather than just telling them. Showing, not telling, has a much more profound impact as a marketing strategy for charities than for most other organisations. CoolBox can help you achieve your objectives and bring this marketing strategy to life. 

Creative video techniques

As a team of creatives with expertise in video production, we rely on innovative and unique approaches to creating videos. If you want your charity video to stand out – and you should – we can find a new, compelling way to convey your message. With our experience and passion for creativity, we’ll produce a video that reflects your charity’s identity in an enticing way. 

Find the right style for you

Charity videos do not have to conform to one style. There’s a broad range of video concepts and formats to choose from when producing your charity video. This wide array of techniques allows us to tailor the video’s style to your charity’s objectives. By exploring all the options, we can develop a video that truly reflects the character of your charity and makes it memorable to your audience. 

International charity content

CoolBox has experience working in a global context, having collaborated with clients from all over the world. If your charity wants to reach international audiences, we have the tools to make it happen. We can overcome language barriers with translations and subtitles, as well as by targeting the video’s content to your intended audience.

Charity Video Production With CoolBox

  • Wide variety – From animated films to explainer videos, we can find a video style that suits your needs, encapsulates your identity, and leaves your audience stunned.
  • Bespoke strategy – We take a fresh approach to each new project we work on, ensuring that the video we produce is geared exactly to your needs and preferences.
  • Individual creativity – We pride ourselves on our creative solutions in video production, and on delivering unique concepts to clients. With our professional team of creatives, we’ll create a charity video that stands out.
  • Global connections – With our charity video production services, we can help you break language barriers, without diluting the important aspects or key message of your video.
  • Tangible results – When we produce a charity video for your not-for-profit, we’re aiming for real results. Whether it’s signing up new volunteers or driving donations, our videos are made to hit your benchmarks.



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