Exhibition Video Production

Exhibition Video Production Services

As a presenter at an exhibition, you have a limited platform to connect with your target audience. With a tailored, high-quality exhibition video, you can deliver your message, showcase your value, and impress attendees. An exhibition video also sets you apart from your competitors and fellow presenters, showing you’re serious about your brand.

At CoolBox, our experts in video production work with you to develop an engaging exhibition video. With our experience creating exhibition and event videos for leading companies, we can deliver an exceptional video that accomplishes your goals.

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Why Use Exhibition Video Production?

A well-made exhibition video produced by a professional video agency can be a powerful asset at your next exhibition or trade show. Not only can it promote your brand in a visually appealing and engaging way, but it can also address your target audience’s problems directly. An exhibition video can demonstrate processes or information that you can’t show in person, such as how your product is produced, interviews with your CEO or other staff members, or other insights into your company.

End-to-End Support for Exhibition Video Production, Editing, Recording and Streaming

If you’re an exhibition organiser and you want a video that captures the highlights of your event, our creative team of video production specialists can support you from start to finish. We’ll provide access to the film crew, tech resources, and professional advice throughout the process to ensure we deliver an exceptional exhibition video. We can assist with all sizes and scales of exhibitions.

What’s Included

  • Multi-camera coverage using HD cameras
  • Sound and lighting
  • Video production systems
  • Camera crews
  • On-site edits
  • Live motion graphics support

What’s Next?

Whether you’re hosting a fairly large conference or planning a local event, we can help! Depending on your requirements, our team can suggest an appropriate plan of action to enable live video streaming for your event.

To discuss your requirements or learn more about our fully-managed virtual event video production and streaming services, you can request a callback by filling out the form below.



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