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The entire process of creating a video from initial concept to final completion can be broken down in three phases.

Phase 1: Pre-Production – doing all the planning and coordination

Phase 2: Production – capturing the various video elements that will be a part of the final video

Phase 3: Post-Production – editing and putting all the elements together and combining them to create the final video

Let’s look closer at these phases of video production, one by one.

Phase 1: Pre-Production

Pre-Production is all about preparation for the next two phases. During this phase, it’s essential to do all the research, planning, problem-solving, and management necessary to put your video project on the right track, right from the start.

Here’s what the pre-production phase typically includes:

  •         Pre-production meetings
  •         Doing the research and planning the video strategy
  •         Project management (goals, project timeline, budget, scope, etc.)
  •         Story selection
  •         Script creation
  •         Finding the right talent
  •         Location scouting
  •         Site visits
  •         Shoot preparation

In order to identify and integrate all of the necessary elements during this phase, it’s important to arrange meetings both within the in-house teams and with the client, and get everyone involved in the project on the “same page”. When in this phase, we’re yet to go “behind the screen” and do the real “video production” work.

Phase 2: Production

Now that the meetings are over and the preparation work is done, it’s time to have some fun! In the second phase or production phase, we capture all the footage for the video. The raw material for the video gets captured and most of the work happens behind the camera. Our teams ensure that each of the specific ideas or visuals that our client has suggested to include in the end product is taken into consideration throughout this phase and the next.

The production phase typically includes:

  •         Setting up the equipment for lighting/sound/video
  •         Capturing main footage
  •         Capturing b-roll (additional footage that’s used to support the storyline)
  •         Recording voiceovers (if required for the project)

Phase 3: Post-Production

Once we’ve completed the production phase, our producer and editor teams work together to polish the final product in the post-production phase. Now is the time to organise and edit the actual video footage. The producer carefully reviews all the collected footage and then assembles the story based on the interviews conducted earlier. The video editor finally brings all the pieces of the video together.

The post-production phase typically includes:

  •         Producing the final story
  •         Video editing
  •         Music selection
  •         Collecting reviews
  •         Requesting for approvals
  •         Re-iterations and final editing
  •         Final delivery

This is how we manage most of our video projects. To learn more about how we work, you can get in touch with us by filling up the short contact form below.

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