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As a business owner, you might be trying to nurture your leads into buying your products and services. You might have already attracted the right audience, engaged them enough on your site, and convinced them to become part of your mailing list and follow your social media accounts, but they are still not ready to buy. How do you convince them to make a purchase without being too pushy or making them feel as if you are only trying to sell them?

You should try out some styles of video content at this stage. One of the most effective and compelling videos is testimonial videos. A testimonial video shows how satisfied a customer is using your product or services. They are simply sharing their experience and excitement using their own words. Whenever a client has a good experience with you, it seems only right to ask them to leave you a review to enable you display not only if the service or product has met expectations, but also how much it has impacted their lives.


How to make a testimonial video

Just like any other video, testimonial videos from CoolBox usually have an introduction and a conclusion. They range from 30 seconds to several minutes. We recommend the video to last between 45 to 60 seconds.

The most powerful testimonial videos from CoolBox usually contain:

  1. An introduction to your company or business.
  2. An introduction of the customer delivering the testimonial, followed by a brief introduction of what they do and a bit of their personal lives.
  3. Finally, the customer will summarise the problems they had and how your products or services assisted in solving it. From there, the client could express how important it will be for other clients to try out the product. If they had used another similar product and it didn’t work, they might mention how yours is superior.

If the client has been totally satisfied, there will be no need to use a script; they’ll just speak honestly, describing their positive experience in detail. It is better to use some notes and details though, such as:

  1. Why will you choose to promote this product or service and recommend it?
  2. What was your situation before using the product/service
  3. Did you have any experience in the past using similar products?

After making the video

Using a production company can have the video ready to be published. Testimonial videos can go a long way when used as a focus of a web page or for a marketing campaign. They can be more effective than any other thing written by your company in the past. Testimonial videos show the capacity of your company to impact the lives of people just like your prospective customers – it is heartfelt, genuine and evocative.

Testimonial videos are common on websites these days because of how effective they are. They are often used as a centerpiece of the landing page or the homepage. If you feel you have a client that has been satisfied with what you’ve offered, you could invite them to do a video testimonial. There are various means of making the video – from using their smartphones to hiring a video production company. Whichever method they choose, the flow and content should be the same.


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