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Training videos demonstrate how to carry out a task or provide important information for team members to do their jobs. A well-produced training video is beneficial to any type of organisation, from large corporations and small businesses to volunteer groups and student associations. Training videos are an excellent alternative to expensive and inconvenient training days or workshops. Your team members can revisit a training video whenever they need to, to review important concepts and ensure they’re always doing their jobs correctly.

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Training videos should communicate a clear message to their audience. There’s no room for ambiguity or misinterpretation. However, training videos must also be engaging and enticing for team members to watch, otherwise, they won’t absorb the needed information. Striking this delicate balance can be difficult without the help of a professional video production company. At CoolBox, we collaborate with your organisation to produce a training video that achieves your desired results. We ensure your video is informative and carefully demonstrates your key message. 

With our training video production service, you’ll have access to our in-house team of experts who can produce a training video of any style you choose. Even if you aren’t sure about the concept for your training video, we can discuss your goals and your organisation to help you develop an impeccable training video that will impress your employees and reach your goals. Training videos should streamline the learning process for team members, and with the range of video styles available to us – including live film and animation – we can develop a video that communicates your message. 


When a training video is done properly, it can have a huge impact on its intended audience. Your employees will appreciate an engaging, tailor-made video that targets their specific needs and answers their most important questions. Our experts use a creative approach to produce content that’s memorable and aesthetically enticing. We also ask for your input at each step of the process to ensure we’re meeting your requirements. With a training video produced by CoolBox, the learning process for your team members will be exciting and informative.

Why Use Training Video Production?

Training videos are a powerful way to educate, inspire, and communicate. When left to an inexperienced production team, a training video can end up as a boring and visually dull aid that doesn’t serve its purpose. In the hands of experts, however, a training video can refresh your employees’ learning process. Using impactful visuals makes it easier to digest and retain new information as well. Training videos are often more cost-effective and time-efficient than traditional training, which requires you to set aside large chunks of time or hire a trainer. A training video allows new team members to initiate themselves quickly and easily, and videos can always be reused or revisited so team members stay well-informed of their duties.

Training Video Production styles

  • Scenario-Based-Training Films – Scenario-based training films include situations team members could realistically be in on the job and demonstrate how to handle them. Employees can more easily picture themselves completing their tasks after watching a scenario-based training film.
  • Voice-Over Films – Voice-over films are a classic training tool that combines visual elements with narration, to let new team members both see and hear how to complete their tasks.
  • Whiteboard Animation – Whiteboard videos are a specific type of animated video that demonstrate a concept or process by showing it “drawn” on a whiteboard. This method appeals to many because it resembles learning in a classroom setting.
  • Video Animation – Animated videos make excellent training aids, as they tend to be more engaging and visually appealing than some live film demonstrations.

These video styles are only a few of the possibilities for creating exceptional training videos. Visit our other pages or get in touch for more information about our video styles.



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