CoolBox Films - Behind the Scenes at the 2023 TV BAFTAs

Behind the Scenes at the 2023 TV BAFTAs

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The 2023 TV BAFTAs were a night to remember, with some of the best TV shows and stars of the past year being honoured for their achievements. But what was it like to be behind the scenes, filming the backstage action and capturing the non scripted moments of the winners and nominees? Here’s a glimpse into our experience as part of the backstage experience video production team at the TV BAFTAs.

We arrived at the Royal Festival Hall in London several hours before the awards ceremony began, to set up our cameras and microphones in a purpose built bathroom / dressing room, where the participants would give impromptu interviews after receiving their awards.

The atmosphere backstage was a mix of excitement, nerves and anticipation. Everyone was dressed to impress, and ready for the annual extravaganza. We saw some familiar faces, as well as newcomers who were nominated for the first time. We also spotted some TV celebrities who were there to support their friends or colleagues, or just to enjoy the show.

Once the ceremony was underway and awards were being handed out, the winners eventually made their way backstage to our small area where we filmed their immediate reactions and emotions, interlaced with the adrenaline of the occasion. We also caught some extremely comical behind the scenes moments, such as wardrobe malfunctions, technical glitches and unexpected quotes.

One of the highlights of the night was meeting some of the winners and getting to know them from a more behind the camera perspective. We learned some very interesting facts and stories along the way, some of which shall remain on tour!

All in all we had an absolute blast filming backstage at the 2023 TV BAFTAs, and we hope you enjoy some of our photos and footage, you can also watch the video in our case study here) . It was an honour and a privilege to be part of such a prestigious and glamorous event, and to witness the talent and diversity of the British television industry.

Thanks to We Make stuff Happen for making it happen. We can’t wait to hopefully do it all again next year!


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