Event Video Production

Event Video Production

Event Video Production Services

Event video production is a fantastic way to capture SPECIAL moments during your event. Whether your event is a big OR SMALL, BE IT A conference, more intimate gathering OR live streaming EVENT; what TRANSPIRES can be very USEFUL TO RECORD FOR any business.

Here at CoolBox Films, our expert team is VASTLY experienced across various industries. We pride ourselves on being market leaders in event video production, providing our clients with high-quality results. 

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Many companies claim that they will create an event video that ENSURES THE results you DESIRE but never take the time OR CARE to discuss YOUR goals AND objectives with you.

That’s not how things work at CoolBox Films. We PLACE our clients at the heart of any work we do, working closely with them to better understand what they want and need from their event video.

From THIS SOLID GROUND WE ARE BETTER placed to create an events video that perfectly TO MEET CLIENT needs and deliver the results YOU REQUIRE.

What makes CoolBox Films so great at creating event video content? Excellent questions. Here at CoolBox, we are experts in all things that relate to film and video production. Our team is packed with highly experienced creators from diverse backgrounds, the perfect platform for creating high-quality content.

Event video production can significantly impact your intended audience if it is executed correctly. It can create memorable content that will help you stand out FROM your competitors.

On top of that, event video production can be tailored to particular channels or audiences, giving you the best chance of resonating with your customers and prospects, and helping it have the best possible impact on them.

Why Use Event Video Production?

For starters, event video production is an excellent way to capture highlights of an event from every angle, which can then get used in the future for many different purposes.

You could package up the highlights of your event and use them as part of your recruitment drive to give potential employees an insight into what your business is all about. Or, you could use your video highlights to send to all those that attended your event, which in turn will make them more likely to come to future events that you host.

Not only that, but compelling content also increases audience engagement and, if done properly, can increase sales, attendances, and sign-ups, due to its high-quality nature.

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Event Video Production From Start to Finish

CoolBox helps you communicate your brand with clarity, while also helping your organisation to grow by providing the tools for you to find new customers.



  • Wide VarietyCoolBox Films offers customers a host of different brand video format options. We can package together videos for you to use on news networks, social media, directly on your website, or anywhere else for that matter!
  • Bespoke Strategy -Rather than offering each of our clients the same bland event video production strategy, we ensure that each brand video we create perfectly suits each client, ensuring it engages with the desired audience and helps achieve the customer’s end goal.
  • Individual Creativity -Here at CoolBox Films, we love creativity. So much so that we welcome it from our clients! We offer unlimited creative scope, and with our team of highly experienced creators, you can be sure your end result will be perfect in every way.
  • Global ConnectionsThanks to our experience working with international clients, we have no issue working with clients where English is not their first language. Even when this is the case, we are still able to provide a fantastic service.
  • Tangible Results -What are your goals and objectives for your event video? Before producing your content, we will ensure that we are clear on what results you would like to see and then create stunning content that will help you achieve those goals.
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Post Production

CoolBox Films has over 2 decades of experience under its belt. Our established in-house expert editors have used raw material and made magic in the form of countless film projects over that time. We use the best video production techniques and cutting-edge tools and continue to craft complete video projects bold and bright enough to stand out in today’s digital world.

Post Production

Video Editing

We use our wealth of experience and expertise for video editing perfection. Our in-house team never outsources—we edit every detail of your video to create truly unique content. With our full editing and production suite located at our office in Brighton, we’re personally committed to crafting excellence. Our editing team has a worldwide reputation for professionalism and cutting-edge style.

Video Editing

Audio Editing

As part of our post-production services, we offer professional audio editing. Having the right audio for your film and video content is crucial. After all, the word audience comes from the word audio because of the importance of sound—and your audience can tell if the sound fits your film or not. CoolBox Films will take care of that and fit the perfect audio for your video content.

Audio Editing

Other Corporate Video Production Services

Our Services

For more than two decades CoolBox Films has produced video and film productions for all kinds of clients.

As a video production company in Brighton, we offer a full range of services. Professional video filming, editing, animation, virtual event presentations, promos, public service announcements, short documentaries, social media content – and everything in between; giving us extensive experience in all types of video film production.

Use CoolBox to see what’s possible for your brand’s film and video content.

Who We Work With

CoolBox are trusted by some of the largest brands around to successfully promote their products and services across the globe.

Our expert team work on everything from national TV ad campaigns to online marketing promotions and corporate communications, creating innovative ideas that take your brand to the next level.


If you have a video production project you wish to discuss and would like to work with a creative team then please request a call back by entering your details.


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