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A Guide to Video Production

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Putting a video together for corporate means is not just a case of setting up a camera, pointing at a person speaking and filming it. There are many different facets to corporate video production, with challenges and solutions flowing, creativity all around and an eye for detail required. Understanding this process and choosing to work with a team that understands video production for corporate clients, for use internally, through social media, TV advertising campaigns, and for a wide range of potential viewers, will help you to create the best video possible for your needs.

The importance of professional video production

There are so many different things going on during the production of any video. Keeping all the plates spinning whilst creating a professional video that hits the mark, takes expertise and experience. Throughout the entire process, there is a need to stick to the principles behind the project, to maintain a consistent voice and tone, and create as smooth a schedule as possible so as to minimise the need for much editing and reviews in the post-production phase of the project.

 Let’s look at the process of video production in full.

Create a detailed brief

Before anything can begin with video production you need to put together as detailed a brief as possible. This should include the reason behind the video and its objectives. Are you attempting to reach a wider audience and expose your brand? Is the video a sales pitch to increase leads and sales specifically? Is it a corporate training video or an About Us video for the company website? There are many different types of videos for corporate use, and once you understand the objectives, target audience, brand tone, and the character the video should take, the rest of the planning can come into play. 

How to choose a video style

One of the biggest things to consider with video production is choosing whether it is an animated video or a live-action video.

Animated video

​​If you want a video that breaks down a concept into easily digestible chunks, an animation could be the best choice for you. With an animated video the storyboard and script should be defined early on, as there will be less room for changes during production as there would be with a human speaking to camera for a live-action video. An animated video provides a creative freedom, with potential for voiceover elements, sound effects and music to be overlayed in the animation. 

Live-action video

A live-action video sometimes costs more to produce than an animated video, but it does have a wealth of benefits. It offers an authentic style of marketing that viewers feel comfortable with straight away, bringing an emotional connection between human beings. It is also incredibly versatile, with the option for documentary style, interviews, testimonials etc. 


Pre-production is everything to a successful video. The steps of pre-production can include any and all of the following:



It is the pre-production stage where all the major discussions about the upcoming project must be discussed. There will be meetings between all the stakeholders, delving deeper into specific details of the project and the logistics and technical aspects of the production, alongside wider themes of brand identity, personality, and tone of voice. 

Video production

This is the moment when the video is produced. Any filming that is required is shot, animation is produced, and if all the steps in pre-production have been followed sufficiently, the production should run smoothly. This is where it pays off to utilise the services of a professional video production company with experience of creating corporate videos. They will set up the sound and lighting equipment, shoot the footage, and ensure that all the content is captured during this phase.



Once the content has been captured the post-production can begin. This puts together all the footage and/or animation and edits it into one video. Everything is reviewed and organised together to make the most sense when considering the target audience, the topic, and the overall objectives of the project. This is often the part of video production that takes the longest to complete, due to feedback, potential further edits, and approval. There will always be clear timelines agreed prior to any video production project commencing.

Tips for successful video production

The following are some tips to help you be successful with video production. It is an essential marketing tool in the modern age, boosting sales and helping customers to understand products, services, and brands in an easy, digestible fashion.



Video production takes time, skill and dedication to get right. At Coolbox Films we have years of experience and great talent within our team. We understand what it takes to make our clients the heart of every video, whether we are creating a corporate training video to be used by their staff internally, an explainer video to sell a specific product or service, or we are creating a brand awareness video to increase exposure to a target audience of potential future customers. Working with us will help you to get your message across in the most creative, inventive, and effective way possible. Contact our team today.

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