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How to create medical animated videos

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For patients around the world, receiving a diagnosis, or just looking at basic medical information, can often be confusing and difficult to understand. Communication is such a key part of the medical profession, and the best doctors, nurses, and medical institutions are those that put the patient at ease immediately and deliver any type of medical information in a concise, easy-to-digest form that helps move the patient journey forward in the most effective way.

 One way in which modern medical expertise is put together to assist with communication is in the form of animated explainer videos.

What is a medical explainer video?

A medical explainer video is designed to educate those viewing it. It presents medical information in a simplified way, and can relate to several things:

The idea is to make it easier for the patient (or any person who is not medically trained) to understand. It should offer reassurance and comfort, reduce fear and confusion, and help a patient manage their anxiety. Medical explainer videos are about accessibility, making terminology that might seem fussy and professional, unpretentious and simple, working around language barriers to improve communication. 

What else do medical explainer videos do?

Aside from putting together medical information in a simplified manner for patients, medical explainer videos can also be used for other purposes, including:

What are the benefits of an animated medical explainer video?

Using animation in an explainer video is always a good idea. There are some great benefits to doing so, as opposed to using a human talking head, or a video of live action. Some of the benefits of an animated video in a medical setting include: 

Better communication and engagement

Animation makes it much easier to understand things, no matter the topic and the concept. When you put an animated video in front of the eyes of a patient, or a person who you wish to understand a medical concept in a simple fashion, it immediately makes it much easier for them to comprehend. Medical animations can depict different medical concepts and processes in a way that makes it easier to engage with the viewer and to understand the next steps. 

Simplify the process

Oftentimes when it comes to medical terminology, it can be difficult for the patient to completely understand. A medical animation video can take a broad and complex problem and break it down into easily digestible sections that are visually appealing and make it very clear what each step means and how everything fits into the broader concept. 

Show medical procedures

It can be extremely daunting to be told by a doctor that you must undergo treatment or surgery for a medical condition. The anxiety that might be brought on can cause further problems for the patient. An animated medical explainer video is a fantastic vehicle to provide simple animations that show medical advancements and the exact process of a medical procedure to put the patient’s mind at ease. 

Improve compliance

A medical explainer video can also be used to help a patient understand what they are responsible for before treatment or surgery, and how to look after themselves afterwards to make sure that they have the best chances of recovery. This can also be used to increase patient compliance with a view to better medical outcomes. 

Accessibility and inclusion

Animation is a potent force for good when it comes to inclusion and boosting accessibility of the content created. It makes it easier for children to understand if they are to receive treatment, and even for adults, an animated video is much more likely to engage than a live action video explaining a medical procedure. It helps to overcome language barriers, promoting an inclusive ‘visual language’ that is easy for every viewer to understand.

Steps to making an animated medical video

The following are some simple steps that help to create a medical animation:

Choose the style of animation

There are different styles of animation that you can choose from, including traditional animation, 2D or 3D animation, stop motion, typography, Claymation, whiteboard animation and more. Working with a company that creates animated videos will help you to understand what’s possible and what best fits your needs and budgets. 

Choose the company

Although you think you might have what it takes to create the animated video on your own utilising modern design software, you are always best leaving it to the professional. That way, you get a clear, well-made, and engaging piece of visual content that engages with the patients and get the message across.


This is the stage where you align with the company and put together a storyboard and script that fits with the overall concept of the project. This is also the time when the project timeline and budgets are set in stone, and you can begin to work towards specific targets. 


If you are hiring a company to produce the animated video, this is where the magic happens and the animation is created. 


From editing and feedback, the post-production process is where everything comes together and fits nicely within the parameters of the project concept and outlines.



Coolbox Films has over 20 years of experience as a video production company, including animated explainer videos. We understand what it takes to deliver the message in the most coherent and engaging way possible, whether that’s a medical procedure being explained to a child patient or a video promoting lifestyle, health, and recovery tips for adult patients undergoing treatment. Our team has the skills and experience to make animated medical explainer videos that perfectly encapsulate the concepts of the brief. 

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