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How to create the best meet the team videos for your business

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Meet the team videos can play an important part in the branding strategy for your business. It provides you with the chance to humanise your company and brand, to invite customers and potential customers, suppliers, and trendsetters behind the curtain to meet the team that brings them your fantastic goods and services. There are different ways that you can approach company video production, but with the assistance of a specialist corporate video company, you can be sure that the finished product will match your brand ideals and help you reach your targets as a business.

What is a meet the team video?

Within any type of transaction between seller and consumer, there needs to be some level of trust. With a meet the team video you can build trust in your brand by portraying the culture that you have built in the company and the types of individuals who work for you. With a corporate video of this nature, it doesn’t have to all be about what attracts the customer (although it sort of is with anything that links into a long-term brand-building exercise), it is instead about you and your team. People are looking at these videos to find out more about you, so go for it, and start talking all about you.

Why should you create a meet the team video?

A good meet the team video is designed to strengthen existing relationships, attract new customers, and provide an extra layer of information that makes communication between buyer and seller even easier. Seeing the benefits of making a good meet the team video will help you understand how big an influence it can be in attracting new customers, strengthening existing relationships with customers and suppliers, and building a positive brand reputation.

The benefits of a meet the team video

There are a few benefits to making a meet the team video or an about us video to be placed on your company website.

Video is effective messaging

​​As 90% of information that the brain takes in is visual, it makes sense that video messaging will be more effective in getting a corporate message across to customers and potential customers. Video, therefore, is much more effective at establishing a genuine connection with the viewer. It also means that the viewer is more likely to stay on the video to meet every team member than they would be to scroll through and read the bio of every team member if it was only in text form.

Create shareable clips

A good about us video made for a corporate team is a fantastic way to help create clip-able, shorter video clips that can then be shared on social media and other media and marketing platforms. One idea relating to this is that you could share one part of the about us video (each individual member) in a weekly video sent to your customers or shared on your social media platforms. This drip-feeds the whole video over time, keeps people viewing the branding and makes it easier for customers and potential customers to find out who it is they need to speak to within your team.

Help your customers get to know you

To build trust with your customers it is important to create a brand that is genuine and has integrity. If a potential customer is looking to choose between you and a competitor, they are more likely to choose the company that can show them an honest look at the team. It’s better to know who you are dealing with than to just purchase from a logo or a faceless brand. An about us video is a great way to build a personal relationship with your customers, helping them to establish connections and to display that you are a legitimate company that can be trusted.

Increase visits and leads

One of the primary reasons to create a meet the team video is to help increase visits to your website, which in turn increases the number of leads and potential customers. A video on a landing page can help to increase conversions by up to 80%. It is a fast and easy way to keep eyes on the website and to increase conversions. Many people are more likely to stick to your page to watch a video than they are to scroll and read through a lot of text, although a combination of both is a great approach to take for any business.

 Create a clear line of communication

Meet the team videos provide a fast way for customers to find out which team members they will be dealing with, depending on the concern and topic in question. Visitors to a website will quickly see team managers, leaders, customer service representatives, in a fast and clean way that creates transparent lines of communication. This speeds up the process for many customers, suppliers, and other people calling your business, which is a fantastic way to improve customer service levels overall.

Ignite that creative spark

Creativity is so important in brand-building campaigns. The way in which you create a meet the team video showcases a lot about what your company ideals are. You can choose to put forward a straightforward simple introduction or be a bit more creative and fun in how the corporate video is put together. You might think that there is only one way to create a meet the team video, but in reality, is a bit of a blank page with which you can get your creative juices flowing and include as part of a wider brand-building and marketing campaign if you are clever. It can highlight that there is more than just your products and services.

How to make a meet the team video?

Here is a guide as to how to make a good meet the team or about us corporate video:

Persuade your team to be on camera

​​One of the hardest parts of creating a meet the team video is persuading your team members to appear on camera. A lot of people will claim they are shy, or they are worried about how they will appear on camera. You can persuade people by explaining exactly what is required of them, providing them with a step-by-step guide so that they are not stepping completely into the unknown and have control over what they are doing. Listen to their concerns, show them similar videos from other about us and meet the team corporate videos.

Get a script together

Writing down a script and breaking it down into manageable chunks makes it much easier for the corporate video production team to put it together and for your staff members to follow easily. Write the script for the introduction section, include a bit about what your company and brand is all about, and then ask your staff to put together a short script for each individual introduction video that they will perform on camera. This gives you the time to go through everything with each individual and to rehearse.

Look at the script from a different angle

​​Once you have a basic script in place, look at it from the reverse angle. Think about what it is that you would want to see when watching an about us or meet the team video. You can be creative with questions that are asked of each individual team member (and this might help them relax and answer more thoughtfully and creatively rather than just speak direct to the camera about themselves. You might also get some funny outtakes that can be used at the end of the finished video as a bonus and fun part that humanises the brand further.

What should you avoid in a meet the team video?

The about us page on a business website is usually the page that is has the second number of visitors, as this is where a user looking for more information will go first when deciding whether or not to purchase from that company. There are a few things that just don’t work though, or approaches that come across as though the company is trying too hard to impress, which can put people off.

Don’t just go for the soft sell

Although the meet the team video or about us video is a great part of an overall marketing strategy and brand-building exercise, it will put people off if it is purely there for the soft sell. If you are introducing your staff members to the wider world, then do so. Ask them to offer some little bits of information about what they are like as a person, what their hobbies are, what they like and dislike, but never have staff just sit and say directly to camera how their purpose is to serve the customers, or how much they enjoy certain aspects of their daily role. This will always come across as insincere and be more likely to put people off.

Avoid corporate jargon

In a similar fashion, people coming to view your website and meet the team video are not doing so because they want to hear the latest industry trends and terms, and they will certainly be put off by your brand if all your staff members speak in corporate terminology. The whole premise of a meet the team video is to humanise your brand and make people connect with your team in a genuine way. Corporate speak is a massive turn off in this regard.

Don’t be too funny

At the other end of the scale, a corporate video that aims to just be funny above all else, can also put people off your brand. If the video is just your employees singing and dancing, pulling funny faces or telling their favourite jokes, it might come across like your brand isn’t one to be taken seriously.

 ​​It is important to find the right balance when making a corporate video of any kind, showing the human side of your team and building a positive perception of your brand. This should be informal and funny in parts, without the corporate terminology that could be hard to penetrate for people outside of the industry, but it has to showcase your authenticity.

Use a professional service

The best way to put together an excellent meet the team video is to work with specialist company video production services . This provides you with the best technology, cameras, lighting, and microphones to capture the video content. It also gives you access to professional post-production and editing services that bring everything together in a way that fits with your project and brand ideals.

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