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How to make a great promotional video for your app

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You’ve come up with the idea for a new app that helps your customers and boosts the capacity for your business to sell its products and services. It looks great, it functions well, but what next? If you have an established brand and are in the process of rebranding with the new app in mind, or you want to establish a brand identity with the app at the core of your new approach, how do you gain users? Promoting your new app takes careful consideration and a soft approach, aiming to target existing and new customers by explaining exactly what the app is for, how it functions, and how it will improve their lives and interactions with your company and brand at the heart of it all.


One of the best ways to promote your app is to create a promotional video, and with the help of an experienced video production company, such as Coolbox, you’ll be well on your way to increasing app users and ensuring your new and existing customers know all about the features and benefits of the new app in a concise, engaging way that looks fantastic. 

What is a promotional video for an app?

A promotional video for your app is similar to any other type of promotional video that a company uses to put forward corporate issues, and to sell specific products and services. The difference comes in that you need to distil the essence of the app, the reason it has been designed, its features and benefits, into a small window of time. This must also be conducted in a creative way that engages with the viewer and implores them to download the app. The specifics of the content in the video will differ depending on the app itself, the industry, target audience, and the ideal pathway you want the customer to go down. Do you just want to promote the new brand and app as a concept or are you looking to specifically increase download numbers? 

Why are promotional videos popular?

A promotional video offers relevancy to the viewer. In an overcrowded global online landscape, promoting your app through a marketing video is much more likely to grab the attention of the users you want to attract than if you go down the route of traditional marketing.

Video content has been on the rise for years, and it is an essential part of any marketing campaign for a modern company. If you have an app, you must utilise video content to get the word out there, to promote the app and its features, for both existing customers you want to download or update the app and for new customers for your company. 

The benefits of promotional videos for apps

Promotional videos in general are a great way to help you humanise your brand and to make a genuine connection with your customers and future customers. A well-made video can have a positive impact, helping you to outshine competitors and to start the right type of conversation with your target audience. It helps to create shareable content that can be shared across multiple social channels, increases search visibility and also has a positive impact on SEO rankings.

When discussing the benefits of promotional video for an app specifically, it helps to get eyes on your brand-new app. In turn, this helps to increase leads and downloads and helps to improve brand perception. Video is a fantastic way to communicate with your existing customer base to let them know about the exciting new app you are launching, whilst at the same time being a good way to introduce your brand to a whole new audience. 

Tips for a great app promo video

There are a few things that you should do to ensure that your promotional video really sells the app in the most effective way. This includes: 

Brainstorm and storyboard first

Before you do anything else, sit with the video production team that are working with you on the app and put together all the ideas for concepts. In most cases, you’ll have little turnaround time to get a promotional video ready to time with an upcoming app launch, so you need to have a fixed concept and storyboard put together quickly. At this stage, all ideas are good ideas, so throw everything down before bringing it together into a coherent concept with clear goals and intended outcomes. 

Choose the right app highlights

It is important that you are selective with which sections of the app you showcase in the video, and this should come back to the concept and intentions of the video. If the app allows you to purchase from an online shop, make this a key part of the promo video. Always be sure to balance the intention of the video with your key branding concepts though, as the balance needs to be right to attract the right type of viewer that leads to a download of the app. 

Use animation that is informational

Most app promo videos utilise animation to provide specific information in an engaging, creative, and informative way. This can include informational text and calls to action that pop up at key points during the video, or as part of a demo of how the app functions, as well as its features and benefits. 

Keep things short and simple

Remember, the modern audience needs to be amazed within a few seconds, so always make sure your promotional video is short, sweet, and to the point. You need to grab the attention immediately, but in a way that is authentic and speaks directly to your target audience.



Coolbox Films has over 20 years of experience in the video production industry. We understand what it takes to bring a concept to fruition, creating corporate promotional videos, explainer videos for specific products and services, teaser videos for product launches, and a whole host of other promotional and marketing campaigns and concepts. If you have a new app that you wish to promote, our skilled team understands how to get eyes on it, and how to utilise a visually stunning promotional video that sells the app and ensures you have the best chance of maximising downloads and use.

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