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We’re CoolBox Films,  a video production company based in Brighton, UK – where we produce engaging training videos for a diverse range of organisations and businesses across the globe. Our in-house video production talent has produced some of the best employee training videos you can find.

We specialise in producing corporate training videos and using the powerful medium of video to its highest potential. Our video production team can accommodate your requirements and produce high-quality training videos that will get great results for your business.

Our team of video editors, scriptwriters, directors, storyboard artists, camera crew, animators, and motion graphic designers can take your ideas and turn them into an effective and useful training video. This is what makes us a leading full-service video production agency in the UK.

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Bespoke Training Videos

To help you achieve your goals, we first closely understand your background, your requirements, and then speak to your teams for more inputs. By following this approach, we align with your core objectives, while working to your suggested timeframes and budget for the project. The result? Well-crafted and creative training videos that get the job done!

We can work with an existing set of ideas or concepts you may have or have our team create it for you from scratch. Our video production team will then work on writing the video script, shooting, editing and then finally delivering the finished product to you. Thanks to our award-winning team of in-house video production talent, you will receive nothing but the highest quality work from us.

Engaging Training Content

Training videos can vary widely in their format – from simple voiceovers with animated characters to complex explainer videos that expand on your existing training material. It may even involve multi-location filming with a decent cast of actors – anything that would make your audience sit up and take notice. We will also incorporate a professional tone that will best resonate with the target audience of your training videos.

At CoolBox Films, we believe your audience learns much more effectively and retains that information for longer when they’re engaged via the medium of video. This is why the most important part of producing great training videos is to ensure that the content presented is clear, concise and interesting enough for the target audience.

Why Choose Us?

Professional training videos help you communicate with internal and external stakeholders with clarity, while also helping your organisation to grow by providing the tools for you to find new customers.

  • In-house team of video production and video editing professionals with decades of combined work experience in making training videos
  • Focus on understanding our clients’ training objectives in-depth
  • Detailed audience research
  • Dedicated project managers for each project we undertake


What’s Next?

No matter your budget for the training video project or how large or small the scope of your project is, we can help! Our in-house team will handle the entire video production process for you, from end-to-end.

To learn more about how we work or how we can assist you in creating training videos, request a callback by filling up the contact form below.


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