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When produced correctly, corporate films are able to inspire and encourage their audience into taking direct action. Video can influence and motivate unlike any other medium, as it provides a direct connection between the viewer and those delivering the message. Whether it’s launching a new product, providing year-end shareholder information, or delivering training to your employees, corporate films are one of the most effective platforms around.

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At CoolBox we create corporate films that captivate audiences, driving them towards responding to your call to action and delivering results. By learning about our clients, we understand their customers, which enables to deliver content they will love. However you want your audience to react, we give them the confidence to do so.

Not only are we passionate about film and video, but we are energised by having the privilege of telling your brand story with flair and creativity. We use premier corporate video production to transmit the values and identity of your brand, and the possibilities available to you are endless. Working together, we ensure you make the most of your content to deliver results that matter.

Tech smart audiences are now more aware than ever and they expect content that speaks directly to their needs. CoolBox devise a tailor made plan and content strategy that will give you the best chance of success. Our corporate video production will put your organisation centre stage, demonstrating the very best you have to offer.

Complement your corporate marketing strategy

Complement your corporate marketing strategy
Making the most of a corporate film by understanding how best to use it plays a crucial role in the planning stage. This means thinking about it from a marketing perspective and aligning it with your key business objectives. For example, ask yourself why you are making the film? Are you targeting a certain sector within your industry, or wanting to create a message for a broader audience? Once we know your objectives we can get to work helping you achieve them.

Creative video techniques
The style and concepts we’ll put into play will depend on the identity and value of your brand and business. Not every corporate film has to be a succession of talking heads. Whether it’s a documentary style narrative, or corporate animation, we have a knack for quickly identifying the right approach that suits you. Of course, some corporate films need to be more traditionally focussed, but most important of all, they must reflect the unique qualities of your products and services.

Find the right style for you
There are wide range of corporate video styles available to use, and if it is your first time venturing into this field we have years of experience ready to pass onto you. They can be anything from recruitment videos, which provide a first-hand insight into how your business works, to informational videos, which can position you as an expert in your industry. Creative corporate videos enable you to show the personality of the brand, while instructional videos demonstrate how a product works step-by-step. Our corporate videos work to entice and engage with your target audience and we’ll help you strike the right balance.

International corporate content
Over the years our experienced production teams have worked with some of the biggest global brands in a multitude of industries, despite our Brighton base. This means we understand the nuances the techniques involved with successfully creating dynamic and engaging corporate video for audiences worldwide. Once we know the region and culture that will be viewing the video content, we can than make sure it has the desired effect, ensuring your message is never lost in translation.

Corporate Videos from Start to finish With CoolBox

CoolBox helps you communicate with internal and external stakeholders with clarity, while also helping your organisation to grow by providing the tools for you to find new customers.

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