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What is a video agency?

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Coolbox has over 20 years of experience as a video production company, from big budget TV adverts to internal corporate videos and everything else in between, whether long-form or short clips designed to be exciting and shareable on social media platforms. Our services are designed to deliver high quality work every single time. Understanding what a video agency does will help you to figure out how we can help you and your project. 

What is a video agency?

A video agency is a term used to describe companies that offer professional video, visual products that are used by businesses to market certain products and services. A video production agency will be with you from conception through to execution and post-production, a detailed and extensive journey that runs from a simple idea and the filling out of a concept, and then the planning and production through to editing and delivery of the final visual product. 

What are the processes a video agency goes through?

There are a few different stages that a video agency will go through with a client. 

Initial Chat and Ideas

A blank page is always an exciting prospect for creatives. That first conversation with a client is one that can spark a thousand ideas. Of course, the best video agencies understand how to take a few different ideas and boil them down into the magical, vital ingredient that will become the core concept and idea of the end product. This always begins with a conversation, getting to know the client and the products and services they offer, the current customers, branding, and internal team, and of course, the intention and target audience of the final video. 


This is the phase of a project where we take the ideas and initial conversations and plan every detail that will bring it into fruition. There are many parts of pre-production, including:

The pre-production process could take a short, few days, or take months to prepare, depending on the size and scope of the project. 


This is where the time has come to execute the plan and put in place all the pre-production processes to shoot the video. The days can be early starts and lengthy in time, but again, this will depend on the size and scope of the project, how many crew members are required, the amount of equipment and set-up needed, and the location of the shoot. There is a big difference in production processes for a shoot at a studio versus one out on-location. The best video agencies will already have all the correct equipment, smoothing the processes and minimising delays and disruptions. 

The editing process

Post-production is everything after the shoot itself. It includes editing of the visual footage, sound design and sound editing, any required animation, graphics, branding logos, and colour grading. Whether a video is a minute long or half hour long, a good video agency will always work from an initial storyboard, and when the editing process begins, will work from that to get as close to the initial concept and idea as possible to engage with the intended audience. This is the time for more back and forth with the client, asking for notes and any changes, with frank and honest discussion so that everyone is happy with the finished product. 

Delivery of the final product

From here it is all about delivery. A good video agency and production company knows how to take ideas on one simple page and transform them into something magnificent that will wow its audience. The end product is then something that you can use as you wish, whether it is to be shared as a short few seconds of video on social media, a product launch video for a tradeshow, or a half hour training video for internal use only. 

What are the benefits of using a video agency service?

You might think you can make a corporate video on your own, but that would be folly. Here are some reasons why you should use a professional video production company: 

Save time

It is hard work and time consuming to produce a video of any kind, especially if you are not a professional in the field. From concept through to storyboarding, scriptwriting, managing the filming and then editing, there are a lot of processes to go through well to produce a competent end product. 

Save money

Similarly to the time issue, money can be saved by using a professional team, as you won’t necessarily have the proper skills and equipment to make things correctly the first time. This can end up costing time and money in lengthy edits or reshoots. All you need to do is be honest about a budget at the very first conversation and a good video agency will take that away and the ideas and put together a tailored plan that suits your needs. 

Technical expertise

A video agency has the experts in place with years of experience and technical expertise to ensure that the whole process from start to finish is completed to the highest standards. There is no point in creating a video if it is poorly executed or doesn’t fit with the rest of your corporate branding. A video production company with experience knows how to get the job done well.

As a professional and forward-thinking video agency, Coolbox understands what is expected of us at every stage of the video production process. We have a team packed full of talent, with years of experience that means we can help our clients to shine, whether it is a project creating a corporate video intended for internal use only, a showcase reel for products and services for B2B purposes, or a brand awareness video to increase engagement with customers and potential customers. When working with our team, we’ll help you to get your message across in a way that is inventive, creative, and delivered in the most effective way possible.

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