CoolBox Films - 30 Second Explainer Videos: 5 of the Coolest Examples for Inspiration

30 Second Explainer Videos: 5 of the Coolest Examples for Inspiration

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If you think it’s hard to win customers in just 30 seconds, think again!

Video content has become more popular than ever. No wonder, very soon (by 2022), more than 80% of all online traffic would be associated with video content. With everyone spending a significant amount of their time online, every single day, it’s now more crucial than ever for brands and businesses that want to achieve better results from their marketing and communication efforts to invest in video.

Gone are the days when you would need to publish plenty of long-form videos to get the attention of your target customers. These days, all you need is a short, high-quality explainer video to get your point across and gain traction with your audience.

If you were looking for inspiration and ideas for creating a short explainer video to market your brand, product, or service, nothing works better than looking at some unique, creative examples. In this article, we share some excellent examples of 30-second explainer videos, and dissect them to learn what makes them highly effective. But first, let’s understand what explainer videos are and why you need them in your marketing arsenal.

What Are Explainer Videos?

Explainer videos are short bits of video content, which are often less than two minutes in length, primarily created with the goal to explain to the viewers the value of a product or service, and communicate the brand’s marketing message. Explainer videos come in many forms and make use of a wide variety of design options, themes, and tactics of persuasion, in order to effectively win the interest of potential customers.

Why You Need Explainer Videos in Your Marketing Arsenal?

If you would like to understand just how important explainer videos (and video content, in general) is in the world of digital media and content marketing, we’ve compiled a list of relevant statistics from some of the most credible marketing agencies, that all point in the same direction.

Over 72 percent of customers would prefer learning about a product or service via video instead of other content formats.

As many as 85 percent of consumers would like to see more video content published by brands.

A staggering 97 percent of marketers claim that video has helped their target users get a better idea about their products and services.

Viewers remember 95% of a message they have watched in a video, versus only 10% when they have read it in the form of text.

Videos that are shorter than two minutes in length get the most user engagement.

On average, 33 percent of viewers tend to lose interest in a video after the first 30 seconds.

Sources: HubSpot, Insivia, Wistia and AdAge

5 of the Coolest 30-Second Explainer Video Examples

#1. American Express Gold

American Express Gold Commercial from Matthias Hoegg on Vimeo.

This explainer video shows off an image of the American Express Gold card, both at the beginning and towards the end of the video, as a means to proper branding and creating a good impression in the eyes of the viewers. By using a constant theme but changing the scenes frequently, they have ensured most viewers will find the video fresh and engaging till the end. Most importantly, the video does a good job of showcasing the top benefits that come with the product.

#2. Zoosk

ZOOSK DateSmarter from Aatma Studio on Vimeo.

This one owes its success, primarily, to great scriptwriting. Zoosk has made use of simple yet clever rhymes, along with playful animation, to make the idea of trying their service appealing to the viewers. There’s no pushy call to action in the video. Instead, they give the viewers an impression that picking Zoosk over other dating apps is actually a smart choice.

#3. Call Me Out

Chevy // Call Me Out App: Mike Tompkins from Giant Ant on Vimeo.

It’s ingenious for the creators of this explainer video to use a celebrity like Mike Tompkins for selling their message, in the right way. They also make use of a well-executed animation, along with decent motion work, gorgeous visuals, and attention to detail. The best part? They are able to explain the benefits of their street safety app within just 30 seconds, with the help of an engaging story that the viewers can relate to.

#4. Instapay

Instapay Explainer from Lemons studio from Lemons Animation Studio on Vimeo.

Sometimes you need to keep the message and its delivery as simple as possible, and this explainer video is a nice example of that. Instapay hasn’t used any complex wording or fancy visuals for this one. Needless to say, this may not be the best approach for everyone, especially when it’s important to capture the attention of potential customers. However, if you want to create an explainer video that will be used towards the end of your marketing funnel, it would deliver great results.

#5. Nespresso

Sound effects are highly underrated, and this video proves it! They have used sounds like sea waves and ice cubes lightly clanking, in order to make the viewer feel the sense of relaxation they would enjoy. Of course, who doesn’t like the idea of enjoying iced coffee on a summer vacation? If you were wondering why they haven’t used a voiceover to deliver the message, it’s simply because they didn’t need any. The video has relied on sheer simplicity and appealing visuals for its success. Such a video can also be played wherever the use of audio may not be possible and the visuals alone have to do all the heavy lifting, like social media news feeds, for example. Great idea! Isn’t it?

Final Thoughts

Just like every other crucial element in a marketing funnel that relies on digital media in any capacity, explainer videos have their place. However, they must be crafted with great attention to detail, keeping in mind their purpose, the target audience, and where they will be used.

At CoolBox, we pride ourselves on crafting great video stories for a wide variety of brands. Whether you are a big brand or small, very niche or mainstream, we can help your company find the right tone and visuals to go with your message.

If you are ready to kickstart your next 30-second explainer video project and make sure it hits the right spot, get in touch with us today!

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